(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Riviera Runaround (Side Quest – Wings Of Hope)

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The Riviera Runaround side quest is one of many available side quests found throughout Trails of Cold Steel IV.

The quest is available during Act/Chapter 2 – Guiding Starlight

It involves finding a lost permit

  • QUEST NAME: Riviera Runaround
  • CHAPTER/ACT: Chapter 2 – Guiding Starlight
  • DATE: 8/21 – Monday
  • LOCATION: Ordis – Business District (Riviera Court)
  • TERM: S
  • CLIENT: Vincent
  • REWARDS: Holy Symbol, 5000 Mira, Thors Unity Rating Increased, Vincent (Profile 1 Update), Margarita (Profile 1 Update)
  • In order to start this side quest you will need to head to the Ordis – Business District and then to the Riviera Court and speak to Vincent
  • We will now learn that they want to open up a new business but have somehow lost their permit and obviously cannot get anywhere without it
  • We will now be tasked with making sure the permit isn’t being mistakenly lost within this building somewhere, start off by talking to the various different NPC characters such as Capo
  • Then make sure to inspect the till, or for those foreigners, the register over at the checkout
  • Make sure to inspect the windows by the door
  • Then lastly inspect the table to the left side of the room
  • We will then learn that the permit might of been sent to the wrong address and now we need to make a quick trip to the Noble District – Noble’s Residence
  • Here go ahead and speak to Butler Oliver
  • It seems he does not have the permit and that it may now be with Glycine over at the North Street – Flower Stall
  • Finally our last place to visit is actually Kleist Mall over in the Business District
  • Here you can meet Resident Evil’s Wesker ‘cough’ I mean Herman
  • It seems that Herman does indeed have the permit and after a few more scenes the side quest will then end


The business permit Vincent needs to open up the new premises of Riviera Court has gone missing.

Without it, the business wont stand a chance of getting back on its feet


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