(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – Stella Shrine Exploration (Side Quest – Wings Of Hope)

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The Stella Shrine Exploration side quest is one of many available side quests found throughout Trails of Cold Steel IV.

The quest is available during Act/Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII

It involves exploring the Stella Shrine

  • QUEST NAME: Stella Shrine Exploration
  • CHAPTER/ACT: Chapter 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 8/15 – Tuesday
  • LOCATION: Ursula Road 2
  • TERM: S
  • CLIENT: —-
  • REWARDS: 4000 Mira, Thors Unity Rating Increase, 4AP
  • You can find the Stella Shrine in Ursula Road 2 which you will come to during the story on 8/15 – Tuesday.
  • Thankfully most of the shrine is rather linear and it will simply require a few switches needing to be flipped in order to progress.
  • Having said that though there are a few tough enemies to be worried about in here too including the Star Lambda and Nebras Domina. The Star Lambda has a ton of health and can hit rather hard and as for the Nebras Domina that can instantly wipe out your party and cause status effects but we will come to that a bit later
  • For now enter the shrine and follow the stairs down to find a conveniently placed Orbment Station
  • From there keep to the right and you will come across your first Star Lambda near some closed gates, in order to open these gates you will need to activate several switches. The Star Lambda are one of few that can cause Paralyse to your party in this said shrine, so be ready for it
  • Now before playing with any switches you will want to claim your first treasure chest (Megalith Fall R)
  • Okay, lets activate our first switch shall we?
  • Opposite the last treasure chest will be our first switch that needs flipping, do so.
  • A new gate will now open up for us and in doing so we will now have access to a set of stairs, proceed to follow these stairs down and further into the shrine
  • At the next fork continue left and down some more stairs. This path will lead you to your next treasure chest (Sepith x50)
  • Okay back to the fork now, this time head in the other direction and to some more stairs. At this fork ignore the path to the right and keep heading North instead.
  • Head past the switch (ignoring that for now too) and keep following the path around, up the stairs in order to find the next treasure chest (Brave Seed)
  • After claiming the goods head left and follow that path to your next switch, activate it.
  • Continue on from here and ignore the fork in the road, you should come to your next treasure chest (Shield 3)
  • Now return back to the last switch you activated, then once again activate it to unlock the gates to the Orbment Station and the door leading to the boss
  • Near the Orbment Station there will be a Trial Chest but for now you cannot do anything with it as we are lacking the right companions, so ignore it and prepare for the boss instead.
  • For a full map of the Shrine see the picture below…
  • Okay if you happen to have Emma in your party then be sure to use her Brave Order, as this will absorb most damage during this next boss fight. If not then, it will be a bit more tricky. The move you want to watch out for is Lost Genesis which the boss will inflict closer to its death, this can and will instantly kill your party members. I personally enjoyed having Musse in my party as she can heal and revive your entire party if need be.


Members of the old Class VII reported some peculiar ruins appearing on the lake shore just off Ursula Road. This could be a Spirit Shrine like the ones we’ve encountered before.

We should make sure we’re prepared for anything before we set out


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