(TOCS4) Trails Of Cold Steel IV 4 – The Jaegers (Bonus AP – Reduce HP Within 35 Turns) Guide

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Just like with past Trails Of Cold Steel games, some enemies have the ability to rewards you with bonus added AP.

Though getting the actual AP is of course optional, if you are looking to get the highest score possible for each chapter you will need to try and get as much AP as possible. As AP accumulates as you continue through the chapter and depending on how much you accumulate counts towards the score you end up getting at the end of each chapter

AP are often obtained through completing side quests and of course facing certain boss fights.

One such boss is The Jaegers (Rutger, Leonidas and Xeno)

  • TASK: The Jaegers (Rutger, Leonidas and Xeno)
  • LOCATION: Hamel Road 2
  • CHAPTER: Act 1 – The Trails Of Class VII
  • DATE: 8/2 – Wednesday
  • REQUIREMENT: Reduce the enemy’s HP to a certain amount within 35 turns!


  • Now in order to make this particular fight easy for yourself, will all result from how you fared with your encounter with Gilbert in the previous fight
  • Thus my strategy would be to store as much BP and CP as possible by the time you finish fighting Gilbert, thus for me and how I personally took on the fights is to take care of the enemies that accompany Gilbert using CP attacks. Then once they where dealt with I then was left with only Gilbert. So at this point is where I decided to stock up on as much CP and BP as possible before actually taking on The Jaegers.
  • Now when The Jaeger fight actually begins you will only have 35 turns in which to deplete their health to a certain amount, this is obviously not much and hence why all of that stored BP and CP is needed.
  • Thankfully Randy has a War Cry ability which increases his CP considerably and thus proves to be a vital ability for this specific fight.
  • Thus what you want to do is use BP abilities that increases your attack (such as Crazy Hunt and Proud Warrior) and then spam your CP attacks
  • Finish off all 3 enemies within 35 turns in order to receive 5 bonus AP


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