Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Remake) – Hangar All Challenges / Goals Guide

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The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is back and we feel rather nostalgic with our latest guide.

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Remake) consists of all of the tracks that where featured in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 games, only redone and they look glorious too.

Anyway for this guide we will be focusing on the various different challenges and goals that each level will consist of. Each level has it’s own unique set of goals and challenges that you can try and pull off, most of which usually contain grinding on various different rails, destroying bells, pulling off enough tricks to earn a certain amount of points and so on..

This specific guide however, will hopefully guide you on how to complete all of the various different goals and challenges on the Hangar stage (our personal favourite ha!)

Let’s begin!


The first letter ‘S’ can be found on the rails, simply grind or jump into the letter in order to collect it.

Whilst collecting the letter ‘S’ you should see the next letter ‘K’ to the left up the next ramp

The letter ‘A’ can be found on top of the small plane here

The next letter ‘T’ can be got by using the ramp and heading through the large panes of glass and landing into the next area. (Opposite the letter ‘A’)

The final letter ‘E’ can be found hovering near the shutters and on top of the rail by these shutters


The first set of Pilot Wings can be found as soon as you start the level, use the starting slope to get the speed and hopefully height in order to jump and grab it

The next set of Wings can be found to the right of the last set, it is on the wall with the propeller.

The next set can be found to the right side of the level stage and on the other side of the panes of glass, you will need to smash through this in order to get it

The third set can be found in the first area before smashing through the panes of glass, just by the small plane here

The final set of Wings can be found above the lone ramp next to the Helicopter


At the start of the level / stage turn left in order to find the first set of Barrels.

After getting the first set of Barrels turn around and head under the rails in order to find this one

The next set of Barrels can be found on the other side of the ramps where the last set was hiding.

Heading into the next section now (through the panes of glass), the fourth set of Barrels can be found here behind the Helicopter

The last set of Barrels can be found just below the letter ‘E’ next to the shutters


The first Hangtime Gap requires you to jump over the large set of rails and ramps here

The next one requires you to jump over the small plane in this section of the stage

Now that we have jumped over the Plane we can now jump over the Helicopter in order to complete the last one


Now in order to be able to pull this one off we will first off need to know how to perform a Nosegrind, this is actually quite simple and the default buttons for this is as follows; (Up + Triangle = PS4 / Up + Y = XBox One)

The pipe or rail that you need to grind is one of the ones that hook over the slope ramps in the starting section of the stage (as seen above), it is one of the rails with the letter ‘S’ on or was on


For this one we will need to smash through the glass panes into the next section of the stage. In here there should be a Helicopter, you will now need to grind the Propellers, do so.

The Helicopter will then fly off and the nearby Shutters will then open and you now have the ability to head on outside. The Secret Tape can be found outside here


In order to get our first Stat Point we will need to grind the Propeller on the wall, this is located in the starting area by the rails or pipes. Doing this will uncover a secret area behind the Propeller

In here if you turn right you should be able to see the Stat Point hovering above the ramp

Head into the next section now through the large window panes and into the room with the Helicopter, in the corner here should be the final Stat Point


The VV Collectible can actually be found in the other section of the stage with the Helicopter in it. Now it is recommended that you boost and max out your SPECIAL bar before attempting this as it will get you the air you need for the next part. You can fill this bar by doing ordinary skills and tricks

Using the piped ramps in this first section ride from one side to another to give yourself the extra boost, then when you are ready you will then need to jump onto the nearby set of ceiling lights (as shown above)

Then you will need to follow the ceiling lights around the room and into the VV collectible


Head into the second section of the stage / level and grind the Helicopter Propeller here in order for the nearby shutters to open. You will now able to access the area outside. (This will be where the Secret Tape is if you have yet to get it)

Outside here turn left and head into the corner, the Alien Plushie can be found here

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