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The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater series is back and we feel rather nostalgic with our latest guide.

The Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 & 2 (Remake) consists of all of the tracks that where featured in the original Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 and 2 games, only redone and they look glorious too.

Anyway for this guide we will be focusing on the various different challenges and goals that each level will consist of. Each level has it’s own unique set of goals and challenges that you can try and pull off, most of which usually contain grinding on various different rails, destroying bells, pulling off enough tricks to earn a certain amount of points and so on..

This specific guide however, will hopefully guide you on how to complete all of the various different goals and challenges on the Mall stage

Let’s begin!


At the start of the level head down the rather linear ramps and as you continue going down you should notice your first letter to the left side just before the ramps come to an end

Keep following the path but stick to the right side at all times and eventually you will be greeted by the letter ‘K’

Continue on until you come across a ramp that leads to a lower level, go down this ramp to meet up with the letter ‘A’

After passing through some red smoke you should hopefully find the letter ‘T’ in the middle here

In the room just beyond the letter ‘T’ you should hopefully come across the last letter ‘E’


Head up the escalator at the start of the level, you will now be on the third floor of this mall which for the remainder of this guide I’ll be referring it to 3F

At the end here on 3F you should find a pole that you can ride along

Doing so will allow you to ride on to your first Robot toy which is hiding inside the objects here

If you turn around after collecting the first Robot Toy you should be able to find the next one, it is on the right side of this area

Instead of doing the level backwards, once again turn around and continue on as though this time you are aiming to complete the level instead. However, stick to the right side of this area as the next toy is just a little North from the last one

From the last toy proceed and fall on to the lower ground to where the letter ‘A’ is or would of been.

The next toy should be in the store to the right (Volcom)

The final Robot toy can be found in the section that turns all red with red flares and such


The first Directory can be found in front of you as you head up the escalator near the start of the level

Once again make your way to 3F using the escalator and once again use the pipe to grind along as if you where aiming for the Robot Toy once again.

This time instead of dropping to the floor below after collecting the toy, you can continue on along the object shown in the image above

Directories are basically the little signs here that can be smashed once you go through them. Your second one can be found up here

The next Directory can be found next to the letter ‘A’ if you have not yet got it

Heading through the red section with the red flares you should easily find the next one

In the area with the letter ‘E’ will be the fifth and final one


In order to complete this one you will need to know how to pull off a NoseGrind (Up + Triangle = PS4 / Up + Y = XBox One)

When you begin the level or stage continue on as normal but ignore the escalator when you reach it and do not ascend or descend any floor, stay to the left side and stay on the same floor at all times. Eventually you will reach a rather long pole this where you need to NoseGrind


In order to complete this one you will need to know how to pull off a Airwalk (Bottom Right + Circle = PS4 / Bottom Right + B = XBox One)

After pulling off the the NoseGrind Coffee Grind Gap there will be a ramp that goes up almost immediately in front of you, head up here

Once at the top (not all of the way, just high enough to encounter the rails) jump over these said rails and then perform the Airwalk skill


Once again head up the escalator and follow the pipe to where the Robot Toy is or was, continue on and smash through the Directory if it is still there

Here drop on to the rails below (as seen in the image above) and ride across into the Secret Tape which is highlighted in the image above


When you reach the end here turn left to see a small ramp that you can go up, do so as the first Stat Point is located here

One down two more to go

The next Stat Point will be located not too far away from letter ‘A’

Head into the Food Court which is just beyond the red flare section. Then sticking to the right side of the room, use the ramp here in order to get up top then carefully balance and grind your way to the next collectible


This next collectible can be found hovering right behind you at the start of the level stage


This next and final collectible can be found in the area where the letter ‘A’ is or was and just behind the long ramp here, it is where you performed the Flying Leap Gap. It is hidden under the ramp in the corner and just to the right of the image above (a little bit off screen)

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