(TWEWY) NEO: The World Ends With You – Backstreet Refreshment (Ryoji’s Direct Line) Guide

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As you continue on with the story you will end up reaching Week 1 Day 4, when you do you will then be tasked with trying to find out the phone number of Ryoji, or rather his direct line.

This will then present you with several different puzzles that you will need to solve, in doing so you will then be given a number that is part of the direct line.

Below is a guide on the Backstreet Refreshment puzzle

  • PUZZLE: Backstreet Refreshment
  • DAY: Week 1 Day 4
  • LOCATION: Center Street
  • GUIDE:
  • Okay we have stumbled across one of Ryoji’s riddle puzzles, the clue for this one is Backstreet Refreshments
  • However, we have no real location or knowledge as to what a Backstreet Refreshment actually is. Or do we? to be honest this one should not be that difficult, I mean street refreshment is a dead giveaway.
  • For those who may still be a bit clueless, the answer is of course a vending machine. The only problem is, is that we now need to find this vending machine.
  • Start by going to Center Street
  • Here you should hopefully notice a hidden alleyway, it is here where you can find the vending machine
  • Unfortunately you will need to find 5,000 Yen in order to purchase a can from the machine, hm…
  • In order to get some money you can either sell stuff at the nearby shops or complete various different side quests
  • When you have enough yen, return back to the vending machine. (Don’t worry you will get the money back)
  • Purchase the can in order to get the number digit to Ryoji’s direct line, for this particular puzzle it will be the number 5
  • After getting the number you can move on..


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