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As you continue to explore the world of Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong you will most likely come across locked safes, and other various locked compartments.

In order to unlock these various compartments you will need to find a password. Only then can we get inside and reap our rewards.

These compartments usually include a range of different rewards including various consumables and more backstory. They can also require a certain amount of technical and hacking skill

Anyway this specific page will be focused on all of the passwords that can be found and located within the Prince’s Quarters chapter, where we will be controlling the character of Emem

There is a total of 3 passwords to be found within this section

LOCATION: Archives Safe
REWARD: Club Business Cards (Consumable)
GUIDE: During the chapter you should come across a room full of safes. This is actually the archive room. One of these safes will be locked and will require a password in order to open it.

We can actually find the required password in one of the other safes within the room. It will be included on a note written by A. Bosley.

LOCATION: Jara Drory’s PC
REWARD: Various email (Conversation: Kaius Leto, Hazel Iversen) Email to Sofya, Recent Secure Transmissions
GUIDE: The password to Jara Drory’s PC can be found and located just outside of the room, by the sofas.

LOCATION: Kaius Leto’s PC
REWARD: Emails (Conversation – Anne Edison, Jara Drory) Code Red
GUIDE: We can find Kaius Leto’s PC just behind a working employee. It is by a bunch of security screens.


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