Watch Dogs – Legion : All 9 Bagley Photograph Locations (The One That Got Away) Trophy Achievement Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion has many hidden trophies and achievements that you can unlock, one such trophy achievement is The One That Got Away

The One That Got Away requires players to of Found Bagley

Of course finding Bagley is one task but before that you will be required to find all of the different Photograph Locations.

There is a total of 9 different Photograph Locations to find!

Okay let us begin!

Bagley has found a series of scrambled images in his software following his shutdown. He believes he was once a human who was neural-mapped by Skye Larsen, and these images are memories from his past life.

To help Bagley recover his memories, find where the images were captured and take a photo to complete the image.


PRE-REQUIREMENT: Complete the main story.

Finding Bagley is an optional side mission that you can try to complete. However, it will only unlock once you have managed to complete the main story.

If you manage to complete this side mission you will not only be awarded with the One That Got Away Trophy Achievement but also 1,500 ETO and The Disturbing Mask too

  • #1
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Trafalgar Square
  • PHOTOGRAPH: National Gallery
  • #2
  • LOCATION: Lambeth
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Millennium Wheel
  • #3
  • LOCATION: Islington & Hackney – World Of Tomorrow
  • PHOTOGRAPH: World Of Tomorrow
  • #4
  • LOCATION: Lambeth
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Brixton Recreation Centre
  • #5
  • LOCATION: Camden – Crosier & Cherry Tree
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Crosier & Cherry Tree
  • #6
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Duck Island Cottage
  • #7
  • LOCATION: City Of Westminster – Wellington Arch
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Wellington Arch
  • #8
  • LOCATION: Southwark
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Guy’s Hospital
  • #9
  • LOCATION: City Of London
  • PHOTOGRAPH: Walkie Talkie

NOTE: You may need to reach the second floor of the building in order to get a good photo

  • LOCATION: Camden – St Pancras Hotel

Whilst in the St. Pancras Hotel find and speak to Cora who will allow you to then speak to Bradley Larsen


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