Watch Dogs – Legion : JB Markowicz (Easter Egg – Mask) Location Guide

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Watch Dogs – Legion features many different collectibles, one of which are the various different masks that can be found

This specific guide will show you how and where to find the JB Markowicz (Easter Egg) Mask.

JB Markowicz is of course the main antagonist of the original Watch Dogs title, he also featured in Watch Dogs: Bad Blood.

Okay let us begin!

  • Now unlike many of the other mask collectibles, this specific mask requires you to be at a specific spot at a certain time
  • Your goal and first objective in order to unlock this mask is to head to City Of London – Cannon Street at 2AM
  • Here you should find yourself near a tunnel (London Bridge to be more specific) that stretches across the water. What you will want to do is head inside this tunnel and then hop down into the water below
  • Whilst in the water you should find a door attached to the bottom section of the tunnel, open this door.
  • Now this door will only open if you have been following my guide so far and came here at 2AM
  • In this underground tunnel area continue to follow the path and take the first left
  • Here you should be able to notice a DJ area (of course JB Markowicz was known to be a bit of a DJ, so this makes sense)
  • The mask can be found underneath the DJ table


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