White Day: A Labyrinth Named School – Typewriter (Dying Message Note) Puzzle Guide

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There are many puzzles waiting to be solved within White Day: A Labyrinth Named School. Some of these puzzles are story related, whilst others can reveal collectibles such as notes. One such puzzle is the Typewriter

The Typewriter can be found in the Main Building 2 – Faculty Office. It will require you to find the various Typewriter Buttons. Once you have managed to find and solve this puzzle we will be rewarded with the Dying Message note.

This page will be focusing on how you can actually find the Typewriter Buttons and solve the puzzle.


In order to find the Typewriter we will have to travel to the Main Building 2 and more specifically to the Faculty Office.

Here we will locate a small blue Typewriter, at first you will notice that it is currently missing a few buttons (4 buttons to be exact). We need to find these buttons and place them onto the Typewriter in order to solve this.


LOCATION: Main Building 1 – Gym Storage Room
GUIDE: This Typewriter button can be found in the Gym Storage Room. It is just behind the vaulting box.

LOCATION: Main Building 1 – Staircase
GUIDE: This button is located on the staircase.

LOCATION: Main Building 2 – Faculty Office 2
GUIDE: This one is located inside the Faculty Office 2. It is next to the locker.

LOCATION: New Building – Hallway
GUIDE: This final Typewriter button is located under the stairway in the New Building hallway. Just outside of the History Room.

Insert the Typewriter buttons into the Typewriter and we will get the Dying Message note.


Nobody recognizes me.
How much I care and love my students.
I only meant for the kids to grow up good and polite, but they only complain how harsh I am without thinking about how I feel.

But I can endure this. Someday the students will see me differently.
Yes, that has to happen. There was a junior year kid who died while sneaking out of the dorm from my watch.
Am I so terrifying that the kids would take such an extraordinary route? It’s not like I am raising them…….
Lately I’ve been doubting myself, slowly convinced that maybe I am in the wrong.

Where did it begin to go wrong?

I just heard the rumors today. It was about the kid who recently died. The rumor said maybe I killed the kid my self.

I was so bewildered and angry that I could not say anything. Something snapped inside me. My true intention will never make its way to them…….

I am sick of everything. The quieter I get, the louder they buzz like a swarm of disgusting files. They keep buzzing in my ear…….

No one is going to save me but myself. I gain nothing from holding back. I cannot hold it anymore.
Today, I will make an example out of someone. They will never be noisy again.

This is war. A war that will not end until one of us is gone…….


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