(Y0) Yakuza ZerO : All 18 Saltwater Fish (Perfectionist) Trophy Achievement Guide

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In order to get 100% Completion and the almighty Perfectionist trophy achievement, you will need to obtain all of the 18 Saltwater Fish

These Saltwater Fish can be tricky to catch as there is no real indication as to what to do in order to get the correct fish, some of them are also only found in certain areas too.

However, below is hopefully a guide which can help solve this task!

Total Fish: 18

1) Sea Bream (Caught. Right)
2) Filefish (Caught. Right)
3) Flounder (Caught Right)
4) Porcupine Fish (Caught. Right)
5) Great White (Caught. Right)
6) Marlin (Caught. Right)
7) Octopus (Caught. Right)
8) Conger Eel (Caught. Right. Needed Bait)
9) Oarfish (Caught. Right. Needed Bait)
10) Goby (Caught. Left)
11) Squid (Caught. Left)
12) Spider Crab (Caught. Left)
13) Whitebait (Caught. Left)
14) Coelacanth (Caught. Left)
15) Scorpionfish (Caught. Left. Used Bait)
16) Fugu (Caught. Left. Used Bait)
17) Tuna (Caught. Left. Used Bait. Night)
18) Tiger Prawn (Caught. Left. Used Bait)

Right = Right part of the Pier. Left = Left side of the Pier

Fishing in this is all about the sizes and shapes of the different fishes

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