(Y0) Yakuza ZerO : Baseball Batting Cages (Gold Rush Mode – Perfect) ¥5.000.000 Guide

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In order to get 100% Completion and the almighty Perfectionist trophy achievement, you will need to score perfect results in the Baseball Batting Cages

These Baseball Batting Cages can be quite a headache given the fact that when the ball is thrown it requires precise timing in order to hit it with the bat. Also, to make it even more difficult the ball is thrown differently each time too.

However, below is hopefully a guide which can help solve this task!

In order to get the Platinum Trophy you need to achieve ¥5.000.000 via Batting.
In this video I achieve that via getting the ‘Perfect’ result in the Gold Rush mode which if you manage to perfect gives you the required amount of money

Batting or Baseball in this game can be tricky but there are methods you can use to win this mini game one of which is just practice and memorize which type of ball comes and when (this is what I tend to find easiest for me) and with time you can pull it off

Another method is to watch the characters movement at first they will move about but as soon as the ball gets close (which is when you hit the ball) the character will instantly stand still so you can always watch for that if that helps ^^

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