(Y6) Yakuza 6 : OutRun – 3000000 Points (Award Achievement) Guide

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One of the tasks in order to fully 100% (Y6) Yakuza 6 is to achieve at least 3000000 points in the mini-game Out Run.

Out Run is a somewhat difficult racing game that was originally released back in 1986 for the Arcade. It requires players to race carefully against the clock and try to get as far along the track as possible. The further you get along the track the more points you score, however if you steer off the track it does take a bit of time before you can get back to racing once again.
With time constantly ticking, you cannot afford to steer off the track!

Thus here is a hopeful simple guide on how to achieve that 3000000 points and get the Out Run objective complete!

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