Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Farewell (Nanba Drinks Links 5) Dialogue

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As you continue to progress the game you will inevitably come across the Drinks Links Character Bonding feature.

This feature basically lets you get to know more about your companions, it is also great for improving your overall Personality Stats too.

This specific page shows the FINAL bonding event between characters Nanba and Ichiban. As this is the final one there are no dialogue choices to choose from.

This specific bonding event involves Ichiban trying to come up with an idea for Nanba’s birthday, with help from the Barkeep of course!


Jun, Shimura, Wakabayashi

  • 100,000 Yen
  • 1,360 Experience
  • 1,224 Job Experience
  • x1 Smooth Hide
  • x1 Thick Hide
  • x1 Dull Alluminium
  • x1 Sturdy Plastic
  • x1 Gleaming Alluminium
  • x1 Komaki Gloves
  • Tag Team: Heat Buster
  • Foreman Job Unlocked – Nanba
  • Friends In Low Places – Trophy Achievement


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