Yakuza: Like A Dragon – How To Find Golden Keys (Unlock Gold Safes) Guide

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As you continue your adventures through Yakuza: Like A Dragon you will inevitably come across the Golden and Silver Safes.

Whilst the Silver Safes are quite easy to unlock as you gain the key to quite frankly unlock them all as you progress the story.

However, the Golden Safes are different as they require one key per Safe. The Golden Key locations are not exactly easy to find neither as the game never even mentions them.

Don’t worry though as below we have a guide on how to find these Golden Keys…..

Now there are multiple ways of finding these keys, however before we get these keys you will be required to do one crucial step.

First off head to Hello Work and change to the Foreman Job

If this is your first time changing to the Foreman Job the game will let you know about Exploration Ability: Demolish. This Demolish ability is key to progressing this so yes you need it.

Okay with that ability now in our possession we can continue, there are 3 locations where you can find these keys.


  • Head to Sunrise Bridge
  • Here you should be able to spot a wooden boarded up door. Here use the Demolish ability to break the boards
  • This door actually leads to a hidden shop that sells Golden Keys for 10,000 Yen


  • Head to Restaurant Row
  • Then head up the steps to the Liumang gang hideout
  • Follow the path to another set of steps that lead down. At this point do NOT go down the stairs!! Instead just before the set of stairs leading down you should notice a boarded up door.
  • Use the Demolish Ability on this boarded up door to unlock a hidden shop
  • The shopkeeper will sell Golden Keys for 10,000 Yen


  • Head to Isobe Alley
  • Here find the building with the twisted staircase and head up to the second floor
  • Up here find a man sitting by some more stairs
  • This man will be known as the Hiding Man
  • Your task here is to keep speaking to him, over and over and over and over again. (Approx 50 times)
  • Eventually he will give you a Golden Key for FREE!


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