Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Mystery Men (Joon-Gi Han Drinks Links 2) Dialogue

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As you continue to progress the game you will inevitably come across the Drinks Links Character Bonding feature.

This feature basically lets you get to know more about your companions, it is also great for improving your overall Personality Stats too.

This specific page shows the SECOND bonding event between characters Joon-gi Han and Ichiban, it also shows you all of the possible dialogue options too and what each option gives you in terms of stat increase

This specific bonding event involves Joon-gi Han mentioning the possibility of the real Joon-gi Han still being alive and walking the streets of Iljincho

With this you will be given the following options and Personality Stat boosts

  • Thanks for the heads-up – Kindness +20
  • What are friends for? – Passion +20
  • I’ll be on the lookout – Intellect +20


  • Joon-gi Han can now use the Enforcer Job


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