Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Persimmon Premonition (Substory/Side Quest) Guide

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon has many different side quests or substories that you can try to find and complete, one of which is Baby Don’t Cry

This substory / side quest can be found whilst exploring Isezaki Iljincho, Bar District

It involves trying to protect a Persimmon Tree

  • LOCATION: Isezaki Iljincho, Bar District
  • QUEST GIVER: Kana-chan, Shibuya
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – The Dragon Of Yokohama
  • PREREQUISITE: Complete all of the other substories before tackling this one! (Thanks to SaiyanFury )
  • Head to the Bar District and you should notice a Tree, this is actually a Persimmon Tree
  • Inspect the tree in order for a scene to play out. A man will walk by with a young girl in a wheelchair. It turns out that Kana-chan is seriously ill and if the last remaining Persimmon Fruit falls from the tree Kana will unfortunately die. We now need to help protect this tree so that Kana can live and survive her operation
  • Leave the area and return when a blue speech bubble appears. Keep this in mind because as a lot of this substory requires quite a bit of back and forth
  • When you first return back to the tree you will notice the man from before, this time without Kana
  • Again leave the area and return when you see a blue speech bubble.
  • When you return again you will notice a Sumo Wrestler punching the tree, Ichiban will try to stop him and it will lead to a fight
  • After dealing with the Sumo Wrestler (Tosanoyama) once again leave the area
  • When you return once again this time you will have to deal with a Sniper. Again another fight will commence. The Sniper seems to be weak to Fire as well as Beatdown attacks so take advantage of that
  • Once again leave and return, I did say all of this back and forth was going to be a big part of the substory
  • This time you will encounter someone nailing a Voodoo Doll to the tree, it seems he is not having a good love life. Another fight will commence.
  • After dealing with the delusional student, once again leave and come back. Thankfully this is the final time.
  • Turns out Kana survived her operation and will be okay. The substory ends with Ichiban eating a bitter fruit



  • 5,000 Yen
  • 55 Experience
  • 50 Job Experience
  • x1 Dity Iron
  • x1 Power Ring
  • Tosanoyama Sujidex


  • 5,000 Yen
  • 55 Experience
  • 50 Job Experience
  • x1 Reinforced Alloy
  • x1 Sneakers
  • Guttersniper Sujidex


  • 5,000 Yen
  • 55 Experience
  • 50 Job Experience
  • x1 Immaculate Pane
  • x1 Pointed Toes
  • Locker Warlock Sujidex
  • Tosanoyama – Poundmates Added


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