Yakuza: Like A Dragon – Stone Orb (Isezaki Iljincho – Silver Safe Locker) Location Guide

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As you continue your adventures through the world of Yakuza: Like A Dragon you will inevitably come across the various Gold and Silver Locker Safes.

These safes usually consist of various different items that can prove to be helpful through the course of your journey.

This specific page will show you where you can find a Silver Safe which holds a Stone Orb

  • SAFE TYPE: Silver
  • REWARD: Stone Orb
  • LOCATION: Isezaki Iljincho, Isobe Alley
  • In order to get this one you will need to travel to Isezaki Iljincho, Isobe Alley
  • Here you should notice the Citron Mahjong
  • The Silver Safe can be found on the second floor of this very building.


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