Yakuza: Like A Dragon – The Crawfish Caper (Substory/Side Quest) Guide

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon has many different side quests or substories that you can try to find and complete, one of which is The Crawfish Caper

This substory / side quest is triggered during Chapter 5 – The Liumang Man

It involves a pet Lobster named Nancy

  • LOCATION: Isezaki Iljincho, Sunrise Bridge
  • QUEST GIVER: Ebihara
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 5 – The Liumang Man


  • You should come across this one on Chapter 5 – The Liumang Man on the Sunrise Bridge. Here you will notice something strange on the bridge, it at first looks like a Snake.
  • However, on closer inspection it is a Lobster which has somehow managed to find itself on land and thus Ichiban decides to throw it back into the water, much to an old man’s disliking.
  • It seems that Ebihara managed to catch the Lobster or Crawfish and has named it Nancy, cute.
  • Ichiban will now feel bad for having thrown his pet back into the water and has now promised to get it back.
  • Don’t worry you will not have to travel too far in order to find Nancy, in fact you can find her on Sunrise Street and at the small dock down the stairs
  • Here you will activate the Active Search Mode, Nancy will be located behind you and next to the stairs. Choose to take her with you.
  • You can then find Ebihara on the other side of the bridge (Blue Speech Bubble) Go ahead and return Nancy
  • Ichiban will now be treated to a strange meal before as you have probably already guessed by now, the main course which is of course Nancy. Ichiban will refuse this thinking that Nancy was a pet that was cared for.
  • Ebihara will accept to exchange Nancy (sparing her life) for a Premium Sushi Set
  • You can find a Premium Sushi Set at the Poppo (Jinnai Station) for 2,000 Yen
  • With the Premium Sushi Set in hand you can then return to Ebihara and give him the food in exchange for Nancy
  • After more dialogue the substory will then end


  • Nancy – Poundmates Unlocked


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