(YK) Yakuza Kiwami : How To Perform Both Carom & Combination Shots (Billiards / Pool) Trophy Achievement Guide

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within (YK) Yakuza Kiwami, one of which is Perfectionist.

requires players to complete 100% of the Completion List. In order to do that you will need to complete several requirements and certain sections of that said list, one of which involves Billiards / Pool

If you know anything about Billiards or Pool then this one will hopefully be a breeze, if not then I would highly recommend choosing to play solo, then you can knock the balls around and thus position them accordingly..

Hopefully the video guide below will help with this one..

A perhaps helpful tip (thanks to: lalilulelo25) is the following…

​Play solo, to proper align your ball, just throw you ball in to the hole,that way you can position your ball wherever you want. To make your ball go backwards HOLD your LEFT stick down so that you aim DOWN,before you take the shot move your ball near the one you want to strike and then take the shot(full charged ofc,hold down on right stick) that way your ball will hit the one you want and starts to spin backwards and hit a 2nd ball, like the video. Just repeat the first step to move the ball where you want them to be.

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