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One of the items in the completion list is to play Shogi and win with zero Knock/Take backs. This isn’t that difficult to do if you understand the game however I’m assuming your here because you do not.
Well don’t fear as we have you covered! We will try and include images in this however as with all of my other guides, you can also find a video guide posted below if you would rather go with that.

What I would recommend is that you opt to play Shogi in Sotenbori and that you have the NPC play first when the game rolls randomly at the start of the game, doing this makes following this guide much more easier. So keep exiting and re-entering until this happens.
Also it doesn’t matter if you leave the ‘Take Back’ option on as long as you do not perform any Take Back moves, it will still work!

Now the opponent will always place the same piece in the same place no matter how many times you restart.
So with that in mind we will just focus on where you need to place your pieces, your objective is to score ‘Checkmate’ which will net you the win but remember we need to do that without doing any Knock Back moves, this is regarded to be a bit like Japanese Chess.

Now please excuse the badly done example pictures but hopefully it will get the idea across..

STEP 1) Move the second to right piece one place up. As shown in the image.

STEP 2) Move the middle piece in the back up and one place to the left. As shown in image.

STEP 3) Move the exact same piece left next to the other piece. As shown in image

STEP 4) Return to the very first piece you moved and move it one spot up.

STEP 5) Move the 3rd from left piece one place up

​STEP 6) Move 3rd piece from right one place up

STEP 7) Move 4th piece from right up and one place left

STEP 8) Move second piece from right at bottom up twice and left. Check!

STEP 9) Move piece ‘S’ up and replace it with piece ‘B’. B Is now your piece!

STEP 10/11) Move your furthest ‘P’ piece one step forward. Now opponents piece. (This is one move and is meant to be Step 10 but I edited wrong, I shall call this step 11 from now on though) THIS MOVE IS AFTER STEP 9 REGARDLESS!

STEP 12) Move ‘R’ piece from second row to the right four spots up. Capture opponents piece

​STEP 13) Move piece ‘S’ from the second row left to one step up and between the two ‘P’ pieces

STEP 14) Take the ‘R’ piece that you moved in Step 12 and move it 5 spots to the very bottom

STEP 15) Take the ‘K’ piece from third row on the right and move it up twice and to the left. Captured opponent piece

STEP 16) Move piece ‘P’ from two places below the piece ‘K’ you moved in Step 15 to the spot right below the ‘K’. Opponent takes your piece

STEP 17) Move the ‘S’ from the middle row and replace it with opponents ‘K’ piece that just took your piece. ‘K’ piece is now yours

STEP 18) Take the captured ‘B’ piece and place it next to the opponents piece on the fourth row.

STEP 19) Take the captured ‘K’ piece and place it next to the ‘P’ piece in the row of ‘P’ pieces and above the ‘S’ piece. Check!

​STEP 20) Take the captured ‘P’ piece and place it between the opponent piece and the ‘K’ piece you moved in Step 19. Check!

STEP 21) Take your furthest ‘B’ piece (closest to enemy side) and move it to the bottom row of the opponent side. Promote your piece!

STEP 22) Take your ‘R’ piece that is at the bottom next to the ‘L’ piece. Take opponents ‘S’ piece that is seven spaces up. Promote your piece!

STEP 23) Take the ‘S’ piece that is surrounded by 3 ‘P’ pieces. Put this piece between the ‘P’ and ‘K’ pieces just above it. Check!

STEP 24) Take the captured ‘S’ piece and place it above the ‘K’ piece and under your opponents piece in the middle of the board. Checkmate!​

Phew and if you have managed to do this all correctly then you should now have this objective complete!

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