Ys IX: Monstrum Nox – Dry Moat Ruins (Mini Puzzle Solution) Guide

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As you continue on through the game’s main story you will eventually come across puzzles within the game.

Though this specific puzzle shouldn’t be too difficult, it can still perhaps put a few people off.

Basically you need to time your actions in order to be able to progress on and through the room.

Okay let us begin!

Okay as soon as you enter the Dry Moat Ruins you will gain a new companion by the name of Hawk.

Hawk will be an important and key individual to this specific puzzle, so keep him in mind as you continue on and into the actual puzzle room itself.

Okay so we have made it into the puzzle room, what next?

Well we may as well clear out the bats just in case they get in our way, the other beasties in this are not too important but if you didn’t know already there are a few treasure chests down there. Do whatever you wish but for the case of this guide, if you turn to the right of the entrance you should notice a switch.

If you activate this lever the door (on the floor) will open on the other side, hmm…

Unfortunately this said door will only remain open for a limited time, so we need to be quick here. Thankfully we can reactivate this lever and try again if need be

So immediately after activating the lever and the trap door opening, run jump and using Hawk’s Gift glide towards the door and through it and onto the next area. Simple, right?


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