YS IX – Monstrum Nox : Prison Rescue (Side Quest) Guide

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Prison Rescue is one of the many side quests that you can complete within Ys IX: Monstrum Nox

It involves searching through the Prison and solving several puzzles. It can be found and completed during Chapter 4 – The Dolls Search

  • CLIENT: Parks
  • DEADLINE: Short
  • PRIORITY: 3/3 (3 Stars)
  • REWARD: 2500 Gold, Iris (New Ally)
  • LOCATION: Dandelion Bar
  • CHAPTER: Chapter 4 – The Dolls Search
  • You can find and start this quest from the Dandelion Bulletin Board
  • After picking up the quest don’t forget to speak to Parks who will be inside the Dandelion Bar, find him and speak to him and then we can begin
  • You will find out that a young girl has been falsely jailed and Parks wants her rescued.
  • After speaking to Parks we now need to speak to the Shady Dealer Maxim
  • However in order to get the required information from Maxim we need to fork out 500 Gold and obtain a specific Tabloid Flyer
  • You can find the Tabloid Flyer at the bulletin board over at the Main Gates, simply speak to Marie
  • With the Tabloid and 500 Gold in hand we can now return back to Maxim
  • We will now find ourselves inside the Prison, time for some fun!
  • There is only one way in which you can actually go here and that is down, so keep heading down and you will find yourself in familiar surroundings. We where here just a while ago during the main story.
  • Anyway when you get to the window (where the main story section cut off), you can open the window now but in all honesty it doesn’t do much. Instead head through the doors opposite the window
  • You will now be in a sort of library, your main task in here is to find the list of prisoners on one of the bookshelves. After all we need as much information regarding the Prison as possible and it is always nice to learn more about the world too, right?
  • Keep following the stairs down until you reach a lever, activate this in order to open the next set of doors
  • We should now be outside. In order to progress on now we need to activate the lever next to the doors. This will reveal a hidden staircase
  • After following the first set of stairs down, head left and down the next set in order to find the Prison Floor Map
  • After getting and finding the map, continue on and through the open doorway. Here you will hear a strange noise coming from the room next to you
  • It is in here where you will encounter a new companion, a rather cute one at that too. You will find out that this creature is known as a Roo and will introduce itself as Xavier
  • Get ready as now you will be facing several traps and puzzles, also if you end up dying to these traps you WILL need to redo everything all over again. So let us begin!
  • Continue on BUT your first trap will be in this room
  • You can lure the rats into this trap floor if you want, otherwise try to steer clear of it
  • After following the stairs down, activate the lever here in order to open the gates
  • Your next trap floor is on the path to the other side of the room, right where the gates are
  • On the other side of the room, you will come across yet another closed gate and another lever to activate
  • HOWEVER, before activating the next lever there is yet another trap floor to be cautious of.
  • This next trap door can be found right next to the lever, so in order to progress you will need to jump to the lever, activate it and then jump back
  • You will now come across a new kind of enemy. This enemy can only be defeated using the traps in the room. Slightly frustrating really.
  • So in order to progress here and defeat the enemy in the process you will need to activate the lever, doing so will activate the trap in the room.
  • Then lure the enemy towards the now swinging axes so that it flings off the platform and the gates unlock
  • The next puzzle isn’t too bad. All you need to do is switch the lever on both sides of the room in order to lower the much bigger bridge
  • After crossing the newly formed bridge, you will now need to activate another lever in the only room that is actually open. Ignore the ‘trap enemy’ as you don’t really need to bother with it, unless you want to of course. You can also find a treasure chest (White Nut x3) in here too.
  • Be aware that the next Lever has a spike trap right next to it, ouch. So approach it from a different angle.
  • Listen to Xavier and head through the treasure chest room once again and down the stairs.
  • At this point you can only go one way and that is to the North East and through the hole in the wall and the bookcase at the end.
  • You will be in another library type room. Simply search amongst the bookshelves in order for a scene to occur
  • We will now be back with the Crimson King and will obtain the East Wing Map
  • Speak to Parks over at the Dandelion in order to progress
  • Once you gain control once again, head on up through the next few rooms and up yet more stairs.
  • Head through the 1F Cell Room and up yet more stairs until you reach the East Wing 2F
  • Here a scene will play out, we now need to use the ‘Wall Run Gift’ in order to reach the rooftop
  • Once outside you will then need to use the Crimson King’s ability to reach the window of the tower. Head Office
  • Here you will meet the little girl known as Iris
  • After the scene with Iris the quest will then end. Phew, that was a long one..


  • (The following solicitation was posted in private, away from the eyes of the average patron)

It’s come to my attention that another inmate at Balduq Prison has been wrongfully convicted

  • Though I’m sure you and the other Monstrums are busy enough, I’d still like to request help from anyone willing to spare it.
  • Come see me in the basement for details


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