YS VIII – Lacrimosa Of Dana : All Chapter 3 – Surpassing Gendarme Side Quests (Trophy Achievement) Guide

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​There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within YS VIII Lacrimosa of Dana, two of which are Precise Orders and Prosperous Kingdom

Precise Orders 
and Prosperous Kingdom requires players to complete several different side quests on both Castaway Village and Eternia. Warning though as some of these are indeed missable

This page will be focusing on completing all of the different guides that can be found within Chapter 3 – Surpassing Gendarme

Below is a guide which will hopefully help with this..


0:00 – 5:14 : Wishing Tree
5:14 – 7:43 : Hunt Agiagila
7:43 – 11:23 : New Medicine
11:23 –  : Test Prototype

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