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Altera Journey to the Red Mountain is an indie RPG created by solo developer, CrossGuardGames.

The game pits you as a lone warrior who’s task is to seek ways to the Red Mountain. In order to accomplish this you need to hunt down keys to unlock a large gate.

Setting Out On Our 2D Adventure

We where lucky enough to receive a download key from the publisher for review.
Whilst we enjoyed the game, it can be rather challenging and perhaps difficult. Having said that though however, the game is still quite lenient as in the fact it does tend to give you full health and healing items once you do indeed see that inevitable screen of death.

Our Protagonist Luna Discovers A Ruin

There are also several traps and puzzles to manoeuvre around, these are not too bad once you have taken note of their patterns.
Thus in general the game can go from being difficult to rather easy once you have the area down and become more understanding of what is required in order to pass and proceed.

Exploring The Ruins

The music is enjoyable and manages to captivate and match the current surroundings quite well. 
The storyline is perhaps a bit too basic but still from past experience this can be a good thing as there are many media formats out there, be it games, tv that seem to have a very vast and complicated storyline, which feels unnecessary and confusing. So we do not have many qualms with the story of this game.

We Face A Formidable Foe


It is a very nice game, perhaps one of the best indie games in which we have had the pleasure of managing to review.
The combat required very little effort or input. The game also includes some nice little weapon improvements which makes taking down foes that once posed a threat so much more easier.
The game overall manages to do a really good job with what it has to offer and from a solo developer one cannot really complain.
There is one issue though not a complete turn off however, but every time you quit out of the game and log back in the weapon you are or rather where using is no longer equipped. Of course to remedy this you can always just re-equip it but considering none of the weapons have stats but are stronger than certain others you may find yourself with a ton of weapons with no real knowledge as to what you where previously using, and thus your brain may explode trying to figure it all out.

Developer: CrossGuardGames  / Publisher: CrossGuardGames
Release Date: 
Platforms: PC
Genre: RPG Adventure
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

​*Code kindly provided by the publisher for review*

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