Nioh 2 – Tengu’s Disciple (DLC): How to knock Yoshitsune off his perch

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There are many different trophies and achievements that you can unlock within Nioh 2 – Tengu’s Disciple (DLC), one of which is Tengu Crusher

Tengu Crusher
 requires players to of Used an attack to knock Yoshitsune off his perch on the bridge in “Eternal Rivals”.
This one is quite easy and simple, all that you will need is a piece of equipment that you can use at a distance for example the Hand Cannon would be a great choice for this!

So with the Hand Cannon or something to that equivalent we can now begin! 

Before we can begin you will also need to of course be on the Eternal Rivals mission, so if you are not there yet then you are clearly not ready for this section.

You will also need to be fighting the boss Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who is actually a story related boss and thus unmissable. 

Part way through the fight, Yoshitsune will start jumping on top of the bridge rails (as seen in the above image)

When this happens you will then want to get out your Hand Cannon or something that is just as good. Then aim for Yoshitsune and blast him one!

He will then begin to stumble and fall to one knee (as seen in the image above). The trophy achievement will then pop!


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