We Take To The Skies In Our Latest Review – Marvel’s Iron Man (VR)

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Marvel’s Iron Man VR swoops in on our next review and it is quite a flight, I mean delight!

Lets be honest here we have all dreamed of wanting to fly and see the clouds close up surely? I mean the view from the sky can be quite captivating, and what better way than to do so whilst strapped in the boots of the iconic, Iron Man!

Iron Man Confronts A Deadly Rival

I’ll admit I’m not that clued up on the world of Marvel (being more of a DC fangirl). However, this game was actually quite enjoyable.
I personally love PSVR titles and will always have a soft spot for them now that I have finally been able to experience the thrill of Virtual Reality. The whole immersion and feeling of being free and lost in another world is quite amazing!

The Skies Have No Limit

As for this specific title, playing around as the iconic and rather attractive Iron Man and Tony Stark is certainly a buzz. Though, I’ll admit this game isn’t without its flaws as it took quite a bit of time trying to come to terms with the whole control system, it perhaps doesn’t help that we don’t exactly have a ton of space to be able to play PSVR titles, still we love it too much to care and as long as we can still play and complete the game we will not downgrade the game in any way, after all that is a fault on our end.
With that been said it is highly recommended that you do let yourself have a bit of freedom to move around, at least a little bit. This we are still working on personally.

Inspecting The Iconic Iron Man Suit

The story is quite interesting and features one or two fan favourite characters from the Marvel world, outside of Iron Man of course.
Whilst packed with several plot twists and one rather unexpected betrayal of which we felt rather upset about, don’t worry we are keeping our lips sealed here. The overall story length is quite good too, not too short and long enough to keep us interested all the way through.

Another disappointment or rather the only real disappointment was that the enemies all seemed to be the same. After you have seen one of the Droids you have seen them all. Though, each one did seem to have it’s own strengths and weaknesses which was good and thus thanks to that this ended up only being a minor disappointment.

Eliminating Enemy Targets Whilst Enjoying The View

Another good feature that we have yet to mention is that the game does occasionally have the option of choosing different dialogue options. Some of which can result in opening different story related paths which was quite interesting.

If you are the type that enjoys collecting trophies and achievements then you may like this one, that is if you enjoy collecting easy trophies and achievements as none of them where that difficult. We have yet to try out the various different difficulty settings so that may be your only real challenge here.
As for collectibles there simply put, isn’t any. All of the other trophies and achievements come naturally through playing the game. So as already mentioned if you enjoy collecting easy trophies and achievements, then I suggest you grab a suit and take to the skies!

Developer: Camouflaj  / Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: July 3rd 2020
Platforms: PS4 (PSVR)
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 8-10 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length:
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 (PSVR)
SCORE: 4/5

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