Blood & Truth – Our Latest Review Tells The Tale Of Betrayal, Friendship & Family

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Blood & Truth is a gangster story about revenge and family feuds. It pits the main character whom was once an Army soldier into a new war which is much more personal.

The gameplay is very well done with many explosions which just adds to the whole VR experience really nicely.
In fact the whole VR experience with this game is truly impressive, making you feel part of the whole game experience.

The controls are quite easy and compared to some other VR titles, it feels so good to not have to constantly adjust the camera every few seconds.
We are still new to VR and perhaps this is just an issue with us but many games have the annoying issue of having to re-adjust certain things.
If we ever did need to re-adjust certain aspects of the PSVR, it was really easy to solve and rectify the issue too.  

The story is quite engaging, going from army man to now a whole family survival fight. Though a lot of the story does not fully add up.
Having said that though the story is still enjoyable and for a potential prequel does offer enough story to set up a possible sequel.

There are many collectibles to be found and many trophies and achievements to unlock if one enjoys that kind of thing. Thus the game does offer enough for some replayability.


This is possibly our Game Of The Year 2019, as we love the whole VR experience it manages to execute everything very well.
It feels like a game you can sit back and enjoy and get really immersed into. We for one would love to see a sequel.
We do not have many issues with this title apart from the story if there is no plans for a sequel as it really does feel unfinished.

Developer: SIE London Studio / Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: May 28th 2019
Platforms: PS4 PSVR
Genre: Action Shooter
Main Story Length: 4 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 6-7 Hours
Platform Reviewed On: PSVR
Overall Rating: 4/5


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