Bugs Must Die – We Enjoy Eliminating Bugs In Our Latest Indie Review!

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Bugs Must Die is a retro 2D Shooter indie title created by the team at dgGamesWorkshop.

Its pits you as a team member of a space unit with a mission on vanquishing bugs who seem
to have a habit of wanting to cause destruction and mayhem.

Anyway we managed to play this little title using both the Keyboard and Mouse and a PS4 controller, for which the game is compatible with and works great with both.
Now this may or may not come as a surprise but as a veteran of the PS4 world and a somewhat novice of PC gaming, we actually found ourselves preferring the Keyboard and Mouse option over the PS4 controller, despite the fact we are more accustomed to it.
With a controller we found some of the combat mechanics rather fiddly and confusing which was quite the opposite with the trusty squeaking mouse.

The soundtrack was really well done, most of which felt rather catchy and kept us wanting to hear more of the other tracks that may of been included.

The combat was rather fun and addictive. As an extra replayability bonus and to our surprise the game also manages to feature the option of completing extra objectives alongside the main story if one wishes to do so.

As well as that you also have quite a large range of different upgrades to help improve your overall gear, so you know when your ready to really squash those pesky bugs!
Also, if your finding the game rather easy and boring there is also the option to change the overal difficulty to better test your skills.


A nice little action game with a lot of replayability value added to it too. The game
also features a nice range of different weapons and abilities too.


+ Great replayability value
+ Very addictive with a great soundtrack
+ Has a nice range of different customizable weapons and abilities to chose from


+ Using the PS4 controller felt rather fiddly and confusing but that could just of been us.

Developer: DG Games Workshop  / Publisher: DG Games Workshop
Release Date: 
Jan 2019
Platforms: PC
Genre: Action Shooter
Main Story Length: ——–
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PC

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