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Captain Spirit was created as a spin-off to the Life Is Strange game series and is Developed by the team at Dontnod Entertainment, it is also a free to download game which cannot be a bad thing, right?

At the start we where immediately pleased to notice the option for larger subtitles which as we enjoy playing at a distance and on a much smaller tv is something we enjoy using, but unfortunately more often than not this feature is sadly not available in many games, and thus we are often left to sit closer to the TV set in order to see and hear the game, and whilst this may seem like a small gripe to others, it to us as we enjoy the use of having subtitles and often find ourselves playing with them turned on in the majority of the games in which we play, can be a minor yet a small hindrance nonetheless and thus we would love to see more game developers use the option for larger subtitles in their games, so we where immediately impressed with this feature alone.

The game as perhaps many may already know is a free to download game and with that in the back of our minds we couldn’t help but worry as many free games in which we have come across in the past have usually lead to disappointment in some way, however being free we just had to at least try it after all we had nothing to lose.

As the game began we found ourselves smiling and perhaps feeling some form of nostalgia at the same time, as a youngster growing up we saw ourselves in this young protagonist’s shoes pretending to be a superhero and playing with their action figures, this we enjoyed a lot and I’m sure many others will agree with us on this one too, I mean who didn’t grow up playing with action figures and believing in superheroes? we sure did and we are not afraid to admit it!

The game overall has a very light hearted story whilst also having a mix of some serious reality thrown in there for good measure, we should probably also point out that the game is rather quite short and whilst the game is free this didn’t bother us that much but still all the same it is probably a good thing to point out regardless, clocking around 1 hour of total story time and perhaps even less if you intend to speed-run it and only play for the story.

To improve things however the game does feature the ability to complete optional side content, though there isn’t too much to do and all of which wasn’t that difficult to complete, it is nice to see added features like this to keep the game going even for a little while longer at least.

Speaking of the games overall story and being created by the team at Dontnod one of our personal favourite features in which the company is perhaps known for now is the ability to chose different dialogue and storyline options and this game thankfully didn’t let us down. 
Whilst the game is rather short there are still plenty of different dialogue options to chose from whilst playing, though not many have a big impact on the overall story it is still nice to see.

The soundtrack was a really enjoyable and noticeable feature one in which pleased our ear drums quite a bit, each musical piece sounding and fitting each scene wonderfully.


A nice light hearted story with some serious elements thrown in, though as a word of warning it can be somewhat short if you plan on playing for the storyline only. However as this is a free game this didn’t bother us that much.
Overall we feel it is a rather nice introduction to the main protagonist and we look forward to seeing him again in the upcoming Life Is Strange 2 follow up. In the meantime we think we shall go and hone our super powers some more whilst we wait!

Developer:  Dontnod Entertainment / Publisher: Square – Enix
Release Date: 25th June 2018
Platforms: PS4, PC, XBox One
Genre: Adventure
Story Length: 1.30 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: N/A
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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