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Close to the Sun is a horror adventure title that relies heavily on it’s dark and eerie environments, along with the occasional jump scares to give the player that fear effect.

It is also a game that doesn’t hold your hand or require you to fight your way through hordes of foes, instead you must use your wits and nearby environments to escape any evil creatures you come across. Which lets be honest is usually not for the faint of heart.

Terror Awaits The Unexpected

Whilst the game does do a very good job on the environments and occasional jump scares, what it unfortunately fails to capitalise on, is the overall execution.
Though, it is not bad most of the time there is nothing to really run away from and thus if the suspense doesn’t get to you then nothing really will.
In the long run after all of this wears off, the game can become rather boring and stale.

Uncover The Mystery Hidden Within The Darkness

The game is also rather linear too with minimal areas to explore and objectives to complete, giving the sense as though we are literally playing on rails.

The story is interesting though, involving Time Travel, Dimensions and rare oddities, where you play as a young sister whom apparently has been given a letter in search for her older sister who seems to be lost and perhaps even in trouble.

The Protagonist Embarks On The Adventure Of A Life Time!


Though despite the whole linear feel and lack of actual proper objectives to complete alongside real exploration options, we actually enjoyed this game.
We often prefer horror games that rely more on the environment and suspense to scare players, rather than just spewing out tons of hideous foes for us to vanquish.

We would still recommend this game, especially if you too prefer the sights of eerie environments and Time Travel. Though, if you do plan on purchasing this one we would suggest you to get it when its cheap and on sale.

We also think that the game given how it plays out and the overall linearity, it just about manages to keep to a reasonable length and thus we only really started to get tired closer to the end of the game.

What we are also grateful for is the fact that each segment plays out as a chapter that you can replay as often as you like, this is especially great if you enjoy going for those pesky trophies and achievements

Developer: Storm in a Teacup  / Publisher: Wired Productions
Release Date: 29th October 2019
Platforms: PS4, Switch, PC, XBox One
Genre: Horror Adventure
Main Story Length: 10-15 hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 3/5

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