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The story pits you as a young female who has the ability to wield a sword and gains the power of a Guardian.
However, she finds herself in a foreign world one she is not familiar with and is eventually lead to believe that her younger sister is dead, killed by her own hand.
She now sets on a journey to collect crystals known as ‘Idea’ in order to hopefully revive that said sister and so they can finally be re-united in a much more happier world.

Getting A Level 7 Combo Chain

The combat and gameplay is extremely fun and reminiscent of the old ‘Tales Of’ rpg series. With the ability to pull off combos with a mere one or two hit button and special skills which generally requires the same. Very easy, basic and should be a breeze to become familiar with without any real issues. We cannot fault its gameplay especially with its simplicity. 

What Might Be Upsetting Rei Hatada?

The game can be somewhat depressing with its rather sombre tone. In fact in order to improve your weapons and gear you need to use tears and purify the fallen. The music also matches the whole dark and dull setting too. Still despite the seriousness and tone, it does somehow manage to feel rather relaxing and gives you a greater sense of what the main character is feeling.
Being locked in despair having lost her only sister and is now being practically put on a leash by Demons who seem untrustworthy. 

Our Hero Takes On A Tough Opponent

The game can also perhaps be considered as being linear with no real environments to explore apart from the very straight and simple areas of Purgatory, where most of the action takes place.
The demon world I guess you could refer it to in a way, other than that there is no exploration or sight seeing. Though in reality, who needs open world anyway?

Taking On The Tough Epicurean


For a basic and perhaps generic action RPG, it is still rather fun. The combat and easy use of the actions and commands more than manages to make up for any downfall this game may have, such as the linearity and lack of optional side content.
The story also seems fun despite its serious tone, it does make you feel for each character and it also manages to make you feel like you want to know what happens to them too.
If your looking for a more simplistic action rpg with a linear but enjoyable combat and gameplay system, then look no further as this should be the title for you!

Developer: Gemdrops / Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
Release Date: August 30th 2019
Platforms: PS4, PC
Genre: Action RPG
Main Story Length: 
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 4/5

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