(DMC5) Devil May Cry 5 – We Slay More Demons In Our Next Review!

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Devil May Cry 5 is the sixth title in the series, if you include the rather lack-lusting game the DMC reboot. 
Though it is titled Devil May Cry 5 you could probably get away with playing it and having no experience of the other games in the series.
There is a backstory option within the game if you do indeed want to know about the previous games but as I have already mentioned, the story is quite friendly for those that would be classed as newcomers.

You control three different characters all with their own unique abilities and moveset. Each character has a great likeable personality and their own unique backstory. 
The overall combat is very fun to learn and addictive. Each character has abilities you can power up and new ones you can unlock as the game progresses. 
Though a lot of the more advanced combat requires knowledge of certain combo inputs it overall is not too hard or difficult to learn.

The soundtrack is probably the most disappointing aspect for me when it comes to this game as for me the Devil May Cry series is known for its music and soundtrack. Upbeat and Heavy. However, for this entry the music does not seem at all memorable unlike the past entries, apart from one or two of the tracks I was not really impressed with the music score at all. It seems to of gone from the Upbeat style to a more bland and less heavy turn around, which unfortunately was not my kind of jam.

The story is okay mainly focusing on emotion and centring around a certain foe throughout the game, it does feature several twists and turns which just about managed to keep us hooked. The only drawback is that due to having played the previous titles in the series we where able to find a large part of the story to be rather predictable. This predictable approach did not sit well with us as without going too much into detail having grown up with the series from an early age, we would prefer it to keep to its roots rather than change what looks like a dismal future for one of the games most popular iconic characters.


It was nice to experience another Devil May Cry game after thinking for many years now that the series was long dead. However, if our prediction continues to be correct as it was for most of the story, the series may end up loosing one of its long time fans. Nothing personal but I personally do prefer originality over anything else.
The game itself though was fun and we loved the combat. The game does feature many different playable difficulty modes and if you plan to get the 100% out of this game, expect to play it several times across all difficulties. 


+ Great to see characters whom we thought where long gone. Felt very nostalgic. 
+ The story is good enough for experienced fans of the series to enjoy and is player friendly for those that would be classed as newcomers to the series.
+ Combat is great. Each character having their own unique play style to learn and master.


+ To get the 100% Trophy or Achievement you will need to complete the game several times, which may get dull and boring after a while.
+ The soundtrack this time around though was not too bad, it just did not feel memorable or as good as past entries. For us the series often has great music so it was an unfortunate disappointment for us.
+ The story was predictable and we for one as long time fans of the series, are worried about the possible future of the series.

Developer: Capcom  / Publisher: Capcom
Release Date: March 8th 2019
Platforms: PC PS4 XBox One
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 48 – 60 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PS4

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