Detroit Become Human – Humanity And Androids Collide In Our Latest Review!

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Detroit Become Human is the fifth title created by Quantic Dream and David Cage and it may just be their best game yet…

After having played all of Quantic Dream’s games thus far and somewhat enjoying each title, we where really looking forward to sinking our teeth into this one and we where not disappointed.

In this game you play as three different characters all of whom are Androids and all of which have their own unique personalities, each having been really well written and thus making it somewhat easy to get attached to them, making the dialogue choices much more difficult to chose from requiring us to really think carefully before advancing as to hopefully not make a terrible mistake which would cost us in losing one of the protagonists for the remainder of the story.
We became very fond of one character in particular too, a Detective by the name of Connor who although playing as a Detective in video games is certainly not a new feature for us, having played many Detective games prior to the release of Detroit Become Human, including Quantic Dream’s other highly popular title, Heavy Rain.
However for us Connor felt different to past Detective characters, having various different techniques to help find clues and solve crimes all of which was executed rather well and as a whole managed to feel uniquely different and refreshing from other detective games and characters we have managed to play in the past.

The story overall was highly entertaining and kept us on the edge of our seat throughout the entirety of the game, it definitely felt like an emotional roller-coaster.
It was evident from the start that humans did not like the presence of Androids for many different reasons, one of which had a minor impact on us of which was due to the fact that humans disliked Androids as they where considered to be different.
We won’t go into much detail about this but what we will say however is that being Autistic we felt like we could relate quite well to this and thus helped in our emotional attachment to the Androids and our overall enjoyment of the game.

The overall soundtrack was also really well executed and we where quite surprised to find out that only three different composers where involved in working on the various different themes.

The entire soundtrack was beautifully done however and fitted each scene wonderfully.

The gameplay was also rather enjoyable and in our opinion was a huge step up from Quantic’s past titles.

​Movement felt fluid and though a lot of the game is tailored by the various different dialogue options and action sequences, we felt less pressured to time our movements accurately and more precisely as despite making minor mistakes we where thankfully often enough given other chances to redeem these said mistakes, which was certainly a big thumbs up over past titles.

Overall we thoroughly enjoyed this title and as has already been said we believe it is Quantics best work yet.
With well written characters of whom we instantly felt emotionally attached to, a great storyline that packs great emotional moments and kept us on the edge of our seats throughout.

We honestly cannot really fault this one, highly recommended!



+ Well written characters. We became instantly emotionally attached to all three protagonists.
+ Gameplay felt fluid and a huge improvement over past Quantic Dream titles.
+ Soundtrack is wonderfully put together with each piece fitting the game really well.
+ Storyline is both very emotional and has great impact in which we thoroughly enjoyed and thought was very well executed.
+ Game has a nice amount of replay value especially if your a fan of trophy collecting and viewing the various different possible outcomes and endings.


+ Some could say we are perhaps malfunctioning here but we honestly cannot think of any.. 

​Developer:  Quantic Dream / Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
Release Date: 25th May 2018
Platforms: PS4
Genre: Adventure
Story Length: 9-10Hrs
Platinum Trophy Length: 15-20Hrs
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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