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​Death Stranding is Hideo Kojima’s first game under his new formed company, Kojima Productions.

It features several different actors and most of which have their likeness and voices brought into the game, actors such as Norman Reedus from shows such as The Walking Dead, alongside him you also have Mads Mikkelsen from shows such as Hannibal. This was a great idea, although video games do not usually feature actors it is starting to become more appealing, with more and more games beginning to go in this direction.

As for the game itself, it is without a doubt much more gameplay and combat orientated rather than story. So for those who enjoy the latter more than the former, you may want to stay clear of this one.
It is also best enjoyed with the ability to play Online, we say this as the game and its ‘nicely put’ repetitive gameplay will likely become more stale much more faster without it. 
Plus with Online, you can also whilst not exactly teaming up with anyone as you will still be playing solo, you can however interact with the environment such as vehicles, signs and other such things that have been placed by other players.
Thus through online you can actually help each other despite not being able to see one another, players can create ladders to form bridges across deep flowing waters, homes for other players to rest in and much more, this we feel was rather good and it did feel more like a team game this way and did help with the overall stale gameplay. 

The gameplay though and the world itself is rather boring and repetitive. You get a clear sense of being alone in a huge world that is being slowly destroyed by the Death Stranding, basically a plague formed by the world of the living and the world of the dead. Thus, as the worlds are forming and allowing entities to cross over, you get your enemies which are rather bizarre to say the least. 
A lot of the time you cannot even see the enemies chasing you and you need to be cautious as you proceed, thankfully they enjoy appearing more when the weather in-game turns to Rain and thus to simply avoid these you can always sit out the damp and misery.
Nearly everyone you come across in the game is nothing more than a simple hologram, hence why we mentioned that you will feel completely isolated and alone most of the time.
The only feature that made us feel less lonely was being online and seeing other players constructing bridges and weather shelters. 

​The gameplay as has already been mentioned several times now, is very stale and boring as your simply repeating the same task over and over with several different holograms.
You are basically a Mail Man sent to dispatch and collect cargo and this is the entire bulk of the game, survival and playing mail man. 
Having said that, it is somewhat humorous to see the poor character trying to carry cargo that is obviously way too heavy but yet somehow still manages to pull it off. The game is not without its humour.

Though, time and time again we just got sick and tired of the game never getting on with the plot and the whole running around vast locations delivering cargo. It was at times infuriating. We sadly, couldn’t even finish it. We love Hideo Kojima’s work for the most part as we grew up playing the series he is known best for but this game is nothing compared to what he is capable of. 


Boring and repetitive gameplay leaves a bad taste in our mouth. The whole story and plot never manages to start despite aching to know more and when you think there will be a good story segment you are told to hold fire and instead continue delivering cargo AGAIN!
As a fan of story rather than gameplay, this game we feel was just not for us sadly. We do enjoy the online aspect and helping other players out with trying to survive the hazardous locations but unfortunately due to the mail man type gameplay and the game being so slow to take off, this game was just not good enough despite how hard we tried to get into it.
The only other really enjoyable aspect was having Mads Mikkelsen and Norman Reedus shown in the game, we wanted to continue the game purely for that but eventually not even that was good enough. 

Developer: Kojima Productions / Publisher: SIE
Release Date: November 8th 2019
Platforms: PS4
Genre: Action
Main Story Length: 
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 2/5

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