Darksiders III (3) – Puzzles And Demons, The Next Title In The Beloved Series Is Here. So Too Is Our Review!

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Darksiders 3 is a prequel to Darksiders 2 in which you control a new female character named, Fury.

Without going too much into the spoiler territory, Fury is tasked with taking out the seven Horseman in order to try and save War whom has been captured.
Having only played Darksiders 2 in which we rather enjoyed we where eagerly looking forward to playing this one, unfortunately though it did not quite meet our satisfactory needs or wants, here is why..

Whilst it was nice to see the rather addictive hack and slash gameplay that is recognized within the series now make its return, we could not help but feel like something within this game was lacking.
Our main issue within the game was the rather frustrating camera angles, time and time again despite having auto-target switched on the game would unfortunately continuously turn into the most inappropriate angles, leaving us having to guess what our opponents next move was to be. Whilst to some this may not seem to bad a thing as the camera can easily and quickly be turned into a more satisfying position, it is rather irritating especially when you find yourself being ganged up on.

The overall gameplay difficulty is that of perhaps other familiar titles such as Dark Souls, meaning it is rather challenging and thus this game is perhaps not for everyone.
However, if you enjoy a good challenge then this one may just be for you!
Unlike with the rather popular Dark Souls series, this game does have some friendly mechanics such as each boss has its own unique combat skills and with time once you have figured this out the game can end up turning from being rather difficult to somewhat easy.
There is also several different difficulty modes to chose from too depending on your mood.

We also have to comment on the rather nice return of a few of the noteworthy voice actors once again lending their voices in this game. It was a very nice touch. The overall soundtrack was rather interesting and nice too, making us enjoy the different stages more despite how unforgiven some of the areas ended up being.

​The many different puzzles within the game is also rather nice and challenging too which may just keep you being stumped for several minutes even hours!


With a mix of Devil May Cry and Dark Souls in a somewhat rather unforgiven combat heavy game, it does still remain a rather enjoyable experience with a lot of replayability value and collectibles to find and locate!


+ Familiar voice actors from the previous games return to replay their roles.
+ There are plenty of collectibles and replayability to be had
+ The combat mechanic is rather addictive and fun


+ The camera angles during combat is somewhat frustrating with it often ending up in rather inappropriate angles, making slaying foes even more difficult.
+ The combat is rather difficult, though for some this may end up being a good thing rather than a bad.
+ The game is riddled with frame rate issues and constant loading screens which really makes the overall experience feel somewhat disappointing

Developer:  Gunfire Games / Publisher: THQ Nordic
Release Date: 
November 27th 2018
Platforms: PC, PS4 XBox One
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 15-20 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——-
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro


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