Dragon Age Inquisition – We Turn Into Dorianmancers In Our Latest Review! We Also Poke Around With Holes In The Sky, Normal Right?

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Dragon Age Inquisition is the third game in the Dragon Age series and be warned it does have many story parts that does indeed refer to the last games, so though it is not entirely necessary it is probably advised to at least play the last games or read up about them at least, in order to fully understand certain parts of the game and the main story.

This time in Dragon Age Inquisition you control a character who ends up waking up and against impossible odds surviving a supposed impossible outcome, of which we will not spoil.
Due to somehow surviving the odds people then catch on and thus the Inquisitor and the Inquisition is born!
The game does offer the ability to customise the main character and either choose to play as either a male or a female, just like the other games. The game also features many different customizeable options, such as hair styles, colours and even voices.

There is many different dialogue conversation options to choose from during the game which is no different to the recent games and is now more of an expected feature, meaning you can either play as a goody-two shoes Inquisitor or an evil mastermind one instead. These features are very much a nice welcome to games these days as they offer more to the game in terms of replay-ability and expansiveness.

There is a lot of side content available to get your teeth sunk into too, many of these quests involve finding certain items or rescuing people. There is even collectables to find and hunt too, if you feel the story is too short or just want to take a small break from it then the optional quests will definitely keep you occupied. 

There is also a rather vast amount of recruitable characters to find and add to your team of ever growing warriors, some of these characters are familiar for those that have played the past games and of course there are new ones to get to know and be introduced to too.
Each character has their own unique personality alongside their own set of optional quests for you to complete too.

As with the past games there is the ability to switch between characters and play someone different, which is good if you find yourself getting somewhat tired of playing the class you chose during customisation.
You can play as either an Archer, Mage or Warrior so one of those should at least be entertaining, for a while at least.
Of course the main game itself will still evolve around your customised character and their journey as the leader of the Inquisition though, which only makes sense right?

The Romance section of the game can vary depending on whom you pick to do this with, we personally do not enjoy spoiling games for people and try to refrain from doing so as much as possible.
However, romancing the Commander was probably one of the best romantic quests and segments of the game. It was really well done and we really wanted to mention just how detailed the dialogue and scenes as well as time and effort was put into that one, a good job from the developers here.
However, as has already been said the different romance stories can and will vary depending on whom you pick as not everyone will have a good written backstory and romantic segment, having said that it really does depend on how you want to look at it. 

The combat is enjoyable and can turn from playing a basic action RPG to a Strategy game in some ways. As there is the ability to let the game keep playing and thus this way you will not have much time to think about your next move.
However, with the so called ‘Strategy’ as we like to call it, method of the combat system you are given more time to think about your next move as you can start and stop time as you see fit, allowing you get that precise hit in or the much needed Health Potion. We personally enjoy the ‘Strategy’ type gameplay more due to this ourselves, as it is so much more flexible this way.


As a big fan of the Dragon Age games, having now played them all. We can safely say that this one is the best one yet! Featuring tons of side content, interesting characters,
enjoyable romantic quests that even get carried into the main story, or at least the one we picked did however.
A huge range of different customizable features and the ability to switch and play different character classes such as Ranger, Warrior. What more can you ask for?
We personally loved this game a great deal and will go down as one of our personal favourite games of all time, well done BioWare!

(I have a confession to make, I may of developed a huge crush on Dorian through this game. I am now in the Dorianmancer category, PROUD OF IT!)

Developer: BioWare / Publisher: EA
Release Date: November 2014
Platforms: PS3 PS4 PC XBox 360 XBox One
Genre: Action RPG
Main Story Length: 35-40 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 100+ Hours
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 5/5

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