Dusk Diver – Our School Life Just Suddenly Got A Bit More Exciting. Here Is Our Review!

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DuskDiver is an Action RPG developed by JFI games and published by Justdan International alongside PQube.

It takes place in Asia where you gain control of a character known as Yumo, who is your typical ordinary high school girl.
However as things begin to unravel, it is soon revealed that she is not your typical school girl after all, as she soon discovers she has the abilities to summon and fight alongside Guardians as you take on demon phantoms in order to try and save the world from a new deadly threat.

Perhaps the first thing you will notice when you start playing the game is the fact it has a unique Anime style gameplay and all of which is in Asian, making it the perfect game for those seeking out something a bit different.
There is no option to play with English voices, you are instead only given a choice from either Japanese or Chinese voices alongside English subtitles.
Though, this is not everyone’s cup of tea so to speak it does make the game feel even more unique and different and reading and keeping up with the dialogue, is quite easily done as the game features unique text boxes which allows you to be able to read at your own pace.

The combat is actually quite addictive and for the most part enjoyable too, a lot of the combo attacks are easily pulled off with a simple one or two button press.
However, juggling these said buttons can add more flavour to the basic fighting mechanics. Despite being rather basic, it also means it is much more easier to understand how to take on the different battles and thus can make for a much more enjoyable overall experience. Rather than being too complex and thus an overall confusing nightmare. 

The game also features Friendship gauges where you can increase your bonding with various different NPC characters, doing so will either grant you additional abilities and or cheaper items to purchase, depending on whom you level this Friendship gauge up with.

Whilst in battle you also have the ability to hone your skills and unlock new abilities. The ‘SKILL’ option in the main menu allows you to power up both Yumo alongside your Guardians too using ‘Dragon Vein Shards’ which are often in good supply and are scattered all across the map.
Again this is rather basic and does not allow you to unlock much in the way of different and unique move-sets, it does however allow you to improve your overall strength and thus allowing you to become even more of a deadlier threat whilst out in the battlefield.


One of the perhaps more disappointing aspects to the game and can possibly be caught on quite early in the game is
the fact that, Yumo who at first is just a normal ordinary person who then acquires unique abilities and encounters Gods and Guardians.
Long story short, she finds this whole affair way to normal as if she was expecting it all to happen somehow, though this may be a minor issue or complaint it was certainly noticeable and kind of felt strange. Thus the intro at least, did feel somewhat rather rushed.

It is probably also worth pointing out that in order to progress the story you do need to collect an item known as ‘Dragon Vein Stone Shards’, these need to be collected. If you do not have enough for the next story segment of the game, you will not be able to progress and thus this can perhaps feel like a bit of a grind.

The overall soundtrack is rather catchy and enjoyable, manages to do a good job and fits well with the environments and overall game setting. With a lot of different techno beats that is somewhat similar to other games of this kind of genre.

Though the game may seem basic, it does well with what it has to offer featuring an enjoyable storyline, optional side quests, a cast of great characters, ways to level up and unlock new Friendship abilities. Plus more! Overall though perhaps basic it is still highly worth the recommendation!

Developer: JFI Games / Publisher: PQube
Release Date: 25th October 2019
Platforms: PS4 Switch
Genre: Action RPG
Main Story Length: 
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 4/5

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