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Final Fantasy XV Episode Ignis is one of the many different DLC add-ons for Final Fantasy XV. It covers the events during Chapter 9 of the base game from the character Ignis point of view.

Handsome Fella. I May Be A Bit Of A Fangirl.. Squee..

​Ignis was our personal favourite character in the game so we where quite looking forward to this one and was the main reason we even decided to purchase a Season Pass.

The City Is Quite Big. Plenty To Explore!

Now getting on with the content within the DLC, we where quite nicely surprised at how fun Ignis’s combat abilities are, as a Dagger user he has the ability to quickly dash to and from different opponents making for a very fun and addictive combat experience. All of which felt smooth and enjoyable.

Get Off Him!

The story however does do a somewhat understanding point of what exactly occurred during those time events. Unfortunately though as with the base game, we couldn’t help but feel rather confused by it all either due to the story being uninteresting or lacking something.

A Sea Of Chaos

We sadly cannot exactly point out why we feel like this, perhaps due to how much of a let down the base game for us was and thus no matter how hard we try to get into anything related to the game, we unfortunately cannot. Perhaps another reason for this is the fact that the DLC feels too linear with no side content to explore and nothing much else to do.

Activating Combat Mode .. Oh Wait..


Though the story did do an okay job of getting the point across of what exactly did happen to Ignis during the main game, it does still fell like it is just like the main game too and by that we mean it feels like it lacks something.
It was nice to see the characters back however and their voice actors once again lending their voice to the appropriate characters. Even if the story was on the average scale, the characters themselves where very interesting and thus quite the opposite.
The gameplay mechanics are fun and enjoyable which made getting through a somewhat stale story much more easier.


+ Enjoyable combat system which felt very smooth and fluid
+ The soundtrack was very pleasing to the ear
+ The ability to unlock different optional endings and see things differently was nice
+ Playing as Ignis was great 


+ The story gets the point across but still manages to feel stale
+ The camera can be fussy at times but for the most part it is acceptable 
+ Lack of side content makes this game feel too linear

Developer: Square Enix / Publisher: Square Enix
Release Date: 
November 29th 2016
Platforms: PS4 XBox One PS4
Genre: Action RPG
Main Story Length: 1 -1.5 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: ——–
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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