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From the makers of the Yakuza game series comes, Fist Of The North Star Lost Paradise.

This game features a man known as Kenshiro who is determined to find his lost fiancée. Having sworn to find her at all costs after being defeated by his own brother and coming close to death, one can imagine the story having quite an emotional impact.

Mixing Drinks Can Be Fun!

For those who are all too familiar with the Yakuza game series such as ourselves you will instantly recognise quite a few of the many different mechanics and features within the game.
Such as the Finishing Moves which seem and feel very much like the ‘Heat Moves’ found in the Japanese game series.
Alongside that you have a few of the Yakuza game voice actors lending their voices to the characters within the game.
The combat also feels very much similar too, so any Yakuza fan will probably enjoy these rather familiar elements within the game and feel quite at home.

Is This Some Kind Of Punching Contest?

Otherwise the combat is very fluid and feels very easy to master and pull off, each Finishing Move can be powered up and thus become more powerful once pulled off.
It is also rather addictive too. As you progress through the game you will unlock new methods of taking down your opponents each with a rather satisfying method of finishing each foe off.

The game also allows for either Japanese or English voice acting and subtitles if one wishes to engage with such features. This for us was a necessity especially when one such as ourselves would rather play with Japanese voice acting, as despite being English ourselves we cant help but love listening to those familiar voices from other franchises in which we enjoy.

This Guy Can Put On A Fancy Light Show

As well as a great storyline, the game also offers many different optional mini-games too. Such as a rather amusing Baseball game which we won’t go too much into detail about other than to say it is probably one of the most amusing mini-games in which we have ever had the privilege of being able to play.
There are several other mini-games too also included, all of which are rather fun and enjoyable.
You will be finding yourselves playing this particular game for quite a while and suddenly realizing just how addicted you really are!

Though we are not exactly familiar with Fist Of The North Star compared to some other people, we are aware that it is based on a Japanese Manga.
It also seems to feature a wide cast of the characters from that specific media too such as;  Jagre, Toki and a whole bunch of other popular names too.
Which should be a good thing for bigger fans and those more familiar with the series. 
Unfortunately though due to this we are unsure if the games actual story is based on anything found in the actual Manga, if we where to have a guess it seems that SEGA have come up with their own idea for a story. Nevertheless the overall story is quite enjoyable.

The Bigger They Are, The Harder They Fall, Right?


A great game with a very addictive combat system. The music is also great as too is the overall story. For those more familiar with the whole Fist Of The North Star series, I am sure you will end up falling in love with this game. It houses many familiar faces from the Manga, which though expected is also a great feature and makes the game more enjoyable.
We don’t really have many flaws with this particular titles other than we feel to properly enjoy it, we should of perhaps got more familiar with the whole franchise first before playing.
Though it doesn’t seem like a major issue to of not read the Manga first it is just an idea in order to perhaps enjoy it more.


+ Great addictive combat system.
+ Familiar faces from the Manga series.
+ Tons of side content to keep you busy whilst you play, all of which is optional and accessible whenever you please.
+ A lot of features remind us of our particular favourite game series, Yakuza. Thus if you too enjoy that series you may just be in for a treat!
+ The option to play in either English or Japanese is great!


+ The story though enjoyable can perhaps be even more so if you are more familiar with the actual franchise.

Developer:  SEGA / Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: October 2nd 2018
Platforms: PS4
Genre: Action Adventure
Story Length: 30+ Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro

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