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Greedfall is what we would class as a an underrated gem, it is a game that came out of nowhere by a company for us at least had never even heard of before.

It feels like a Pirate and Musketeer type of game but it doesn’t actually mention either of those things, instead it is quite its own thing with those kind of features mixed in.
The story itself is mostly about a young new Governor of a town whom is the main character’s cousin.
It is packed full of twists and turns with fantasy elements such as massive demon beasts thrown in.

The gameplay is a little boring with no additional added skills to pull off and is simply a hit and slash game with a bit of gunplay too.
No extra takedown mechanics or killing death blows, which is unfortunate and can make the combat feel like a bit of a let down. There is also no real tactics to use and better organise your party and thus being the typical AI that most NPC characters are, you often end up being alone whilst fending off beasts.
There is also no real way to heal your team neither, despite the fact they do sometimes ask for healing, you can however revive them if they do indeed fall during combat.

A game of this size also usually comes with its random issues too and this game is no different, as it too suffers with minor glitches such as character facial expressions, odd translation mistakes and some weird camera angles too.

However, for the most part this game is very well executed and interesting too.
One cannot really fault it, the game itself is very much similar to that of the Dragon Age series which is a highly popular series by the Bioware company.

It features foreign nationality characters of whom occupy the land and they have their own accent too, which sadly is not very well explained as to what some of them are saying.
So we at least are often wondering what is going on and what exactly are these characters referring too.
The game is jam packed with additional side content to sink your teeth into and a reasonably length storyline too. There is always plenty to do and be getting on with.

The characters are great too and it is fun to interact with them and listen to their random witty banter. The option to romance them and become friends with them if you improve your reputation with them, is also a nice feature that is reminiscent of the Dragon Age games.


If you enjoy the Dragon Age series or just a big fan of open world RPG games then this should be interesting to you.
With plenty to do, reputations with characters and factions to build and monsters to slay what more can you ask for?
Also, unlike with a lot of other open world games the loading times are really good and your barely every waiting that long before you can get back on the road once again.

Developer: Spiders  / Publisher: Focus Home Interactive
Release Date: September 10th 2019
Platforms: PS4, PC, XBox One
Genre: Open World RPG
Main Story Length: 25-30 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4 Pro
Overall Rating: 4/5

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