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Judgment is a Japanese Crime game created by the same team that created the popular Yakuza series.
Unlike Yakuza though, this time you play as a detective. The story for the most part is enjoyable, again set in the all too familiar world of Kamurocho which is now a well known place for Yakuza fans such as ourselves. The main protagonist starts off feeling rather depressed due to past incidents involving an unfortunate outcome which connected the said character and thus they now blame themselves for it.
As things begin to unravel it seems that this incident begins to have more of a twist than originally thought.

Takayuki Yagami Gets Ready For Action

The gameplay is fun, those familiar with Yakuza will feel at home straight away as it basically has the same principle. 
There are several minigames and new to the whole ‘Kamurocho series’ is the ability to fly Drones. As expected there is a ton of content included for endless hours of enjoyment.
​Being a detective there is several different cases to solve which really tests your detective skills. These including solving murders, digging for clues and hunting for kitty cats.
So this is the perfect game if your ever wanting to become the next Sherlock Homes! It’s elementary!

Friends Yagami And Kaito

Judgment is also one of the first Yakuza style games as we like to call it, given the fact it is set in the same location as the games. Plus it is made by the same team and thus the similarities are all too familiar. However, as we where saying this game is one of the first to have fully English voices. The first game being the very first Yakuza title back on the Playstation 2.
We are not going to lie but it seemed strange to have English voices after all of these years of seeing these games in Japanese. 
We have not played in English just yet but going by what we have seen, the voices seem to do rather well. Many of the characters are even voiced by popular actors. We can safely say this game feels and does a lot better than the original Yakuza which for us at least just felt really awkward despite the fact that one of these actors is now a well known actor from many popular films.

Yagami Knocks Sense Into A Thug


We really enjoyed this one. We had our doubts due to not exactly enjoying other games, one in particular that the team created but this one thankfully restored any lost faith we once had.
The characters all have good personalities and we can feel emotionally attached to them. We like the fact you can either play with English or Japanese voices, though as we are used to the Yakuza games being in Japanese we opted to stick with it and have not played in English, we appreciate the option being there though

Developer: Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio  / Publisher: SEGA
Release Date: June 25th 2019
Platforms: PS4
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 30+ Hrs
Platinum Trophy Length: 100+ Hrs
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
Overall Rating: 5/5

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