(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake: INTERMission (DLC) – The Infamous Materia Keeper Is Back In Our Next Review

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Final Fantasy VII: Remake – INTERMission pits players in the role of the materia loving Ninja, Yuffie. As always Yuffie cannot resist materia and she quite frankly doesn’t care what type it is neither as long she gets gets to keep it! Her curiosity knows no bounds when it comes to her hobby of collecting them and it is that same curiosity that leads her to the slums of Sector 7. Her materia senses are tingling and she knows she is onto something BIG!

Yuffie, being a new character to the remake, comes with her iconic Ninja gear such as the classic Shuriken and Daggers all of which she is known to use back in the original game. Of course, these are also essential to any Ninja regardless of their background and origin and one cannot live without them.
However, with all of that said Yuffie does indeed come with her own set of abilities and skills most of which is easy enough to pull off once you get used to it. Yuffie also has the ability to combine her weapon abilities with that of magic in the form of Ninjitsu, which looks amazing and immediately tells us how much of a deadly threat Yuffie can be in combat. Trust me you don’t want to mess with her!

Despite INTERMission being an expansion there is quite a lot of content that has been thrown in including brand new Summons to help you during combat, plus quite a few interesting minigames and collectibles that fans of the original will no doubt recognize.

It was also nice to see a few cameo scenes with a few other nostalgic characters too, including a few from a Final Fantasy VII spin off title. A lot of the locations that featured in the base game also made a return alongside a new area too.

Speaking of the base game I highly recommend that you play and complete it before you even attempt to play this expansion, you will also be told about this in-game too. The reason for this is because there is quite a few references relating to the events in the base game, some of which go deep into spoiler territory. For those wondering Yuffie’s story takes place during Chapter 8 of the base game but some bits of dialogue stretch even further than that.

Overall it was nice to feel that oh so lovely nostalgic feeling once again. The expansion is a great addition adding more to the remake without throwing away anything that made it enjoyable.
It doesn’t touch on what may happen in the next release otherwise known as Final Fantasy VII Remake Part 2, well I highly doubt they will call it that exact title but you get my meaning. The story plays as a basic introductory to the character of Yuffie and provides as a great filler story whilst we wait for the next title.

  • Developer: Square Enix
  • Publisher: Square Enix
    Release Date: June 10th, 2021
    Platforms: Playstation 5
    Genre: Action RPG
    Main Story Length: 5-6 Hours
    Platinum Trophy Length: 
    Platform Reviewed On: Playstation 5
  • Overall Rating: 4/5 (Good)


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