(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake: INTERMission (DLC) – Materia Mavern (Shinra Box Buster Challenge) Guide

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(FF7R) Final Fantasy VII Remake: INTERMission (DLC) has a total of 2 different sets of collectibles to keep an eye out for, one of which is the Happy Turtle Flyers and the other is the Shinra Box Buster Challenge

Obtaining the Turtle Flyers will award you with the Turtle-tastic trophy achievement, whereas with the Shinra Box Buster Challenge you will unlock the Materia Mavern trophy achievement

For the purpose of this specific guide we will be focusing on the Shinra Box Buster Challenge, which basically sees you smashing and breaking boxes. This minigame is similar to the one featured in the main game and features 2 different difficulty levels; Basic Training and SOLDIER Training



  • LOCATION: Sector 0 – Shinra Electric Power Company (B14 – Advanced Weaponry: Maintenance)
  • REWARD: Materia Mavern – Trophy Achievement
  • GUIDE: You will come across this minigame during Chapter 2 – Covert Ops. From there head to the B14 – Advanced Weaponry: Maintenance. You will come here whilst searching for the Materia
  • Anyway inspect the machine here in order to begin the training and, well, minigame.
  • The training will see you having to break and smash boxes, each box has a set amount of points that you can earn once smashed and broken. You will also be up against a time limit and if you fail to score the necessary amount of points you will fail the training, sounds simple right? Well lets just say the Basic Training one certainly is.
  • Now the key here is to keep in mind that these boxes are more weaker to certain attacks than others and each box has its own set score that you will receive once smashed and broken. Here is a quick lowdown on this..
ORANGE BOXES100 PointsThese are weak to melee damage. Two hits of your Boomerang will break it easily
PURPLE BOXES200 PointsThese boxes are weak to magic. Two attacks using magic will easily break these ones
WHITE BOXES1500 PointsThese are neither weak to melee or magic. However, using melee attacks combined with magic and quickly switching to the Windstorm ability has the ability to smash these boxes in a single hit


5000An Orb Of ATB assist materia
10000An Orb Of ATB boost materia
20000An Orb Of ATB stagger materia
  • The ‘Basic Training’ difficulty is super simple and easy even more so if you know how to break these boxes, as described above.


10000An orb of magnify materia
30000An orn of Gil Up materia
50000An orn of EXP Up materia
  • Ah this difficulty, I was actually stuck on this one for a good day and a half until I figured it out. I was forever missing boxes and messing up my attacks. Also, this difficulty only unlocks after you have completed the ‘Basic Training’, and in order to get the full 50K points you need to destroy every single box and I mean every single box, no box gets left behind!
  • However, it is actually super simple and easy. What you want to do is attack the orange and purple boxes as described above and in the process build up your ATB.
  • Once you have a single ATB bar head to one of those big boxes (1500 Point box) and hit it at least once, (I seemed to have better luck by throwing the Boomerang and using magic (square), and then hitting the 1500 box.
  • After hitting the box with a magic attack quickly switch and use a Windstorm attack to finish the box off in a single hit. Super quick and easy.
  • Remember to always have the auto-lock engaged (Analogue stick) this will help you decide which box you are aiming for next.
  • Another quick pointer is that there is a white box hiding behind a wall, I never noticed this until after a whole day racking my brain and wondering why I could never pull this off.
  • This mischievous box can be found next to the two boxes leading into the second to last area, simply instead of heading left head right. Give it a good whack for me will you, it caused me so much trouble ha!
  • Also one final pointer here. In the very last room you will encounter quite a few 1500 boxes all sitting next to each other
  • A quick and simple way to destroy all of these boxes in a timely fashion is to use the Banishment ability. Position yourself next to the middle box and you should hopefully have them all destroyed in a single hit
  • Hopefully if all goes to plan you should be able to pull it all off and nip this one in the bud


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