God Of War (2018) – Our Latest Review Brings Families Together In A World Of Gods & Magic

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(Note: This review is from the point of view of someone who knows about the God of War series, but until now, has never played them before)

God Of War brings back the iconic Spartan Warrior Kratos in an all new adventure in the realm of Midgard. This time however, he has a son who he must protect and train since he knows things are not going to be peaceful for them both. The world is full of evil and it becomes all too apparent during the start of the game.

Overall the story is interesting and very family orientated, with the ultimate goal to scatter their fallen kin’s ashes. The game manages to combine a mixture of twists and turns, alongside the occasional edge of the seat action. However, it does have its problems and that being the actual game title.
The game is known as God of War but there are many hints to past games, this can lead to confusion for people like me that haven’t played any other God of War title prior to this one. Yes, I am a bit late to the game and unfortunately this made parts of the story rather confusing. This does get remedied towards the end of the game though, so I’m glad I stuck it out but despite it being only classed as God of War, it is in fact a follow up to the previous games and not a completely new take on the series. So perhaps in ways the name can be a bit misleading.

The overall combat is fun and it features various different ways to deliver your enemies the ultimate blow, plus the ability to unlock new skills and abilities. In fact you can also dress up both Kratos and his son in different gear too, there are many different ways to customise and improve your overall stats

A lot of the game is based in Midgard which is a nice location that is surrounded by sea and mountains. There are locations nearby that you can visit and many of these feature various optional missions and collectibles. Occasionally you can also travel to other realms too but these areas are much more linear. There are even realms that you cannot unlock, hinting as to what the next game may be about.

From a personal aspect I’d like to see a prequel involving their lost kin as I feel that they had more to their story than the game lets on. Instead we are given hints as to who they are or who they might be and what they did, I do enjoy the whole family relation with Kratos and Atreus, in fact it was the selling point for me so I’d like to see more of this.


God of War is an enjoyable game, I can definitely see why it managed to win various game awards. As said before I really enjoyed the whole family bonding between both Kratos and Atreus and I hope it continues. It manages to give the game a more realistic touch to the story and it helps us care for the characters more.

However, I did end up getting tired of seeing the same enemies over and over, in fact it began to feel like a repeat all too often. Many of these enemies had the same mechanics but a different name attached to them. Don’t get the wrong impression though, I really enjoyed this game and I now consider myself a God of War fan and look forward to any upcoming news relating to the series. Oh and I may have developed a bit of a fangirl crush on Kratos hehe..

  • Developer: Santa Monica Studio
  • Publisher: SIE
    Release Date: April 20th, 2018
    Platforms: Playstation 4
    Genre: Action Adventure
    Main Story Length: 20-21 Hours
    Platinum Trophy Length: 
    Platform Reviewed On: Playstation 4
  • Overall Rating: 4/5 (Good)


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