Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – All 8 Lore Collectibles (Crystal Harvest – Now It Makes Sense) Guide

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As you continue exploring the world of Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance you will come across various Tomes, Tablets and other such collectibles. These all count as lore items and getting them all will unlock the Now It Makes Sense trophy achievement

Below is a guide on where to find all of the lore items within the Crystalline Dreams – Crystal Harvest mission, here you will find 8 lore items to hunt down


  • TYPE: Tome
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the old mining shaft
  • GUIDE: From the start of the mission continue on and up a walkway. Up here head left in order to find a barricaded wall, the first collectible is through there.


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Destroy the duergar defences at the mining shaft
  • GUIDE: Head to the mining shaft and turn right to find a barricaded wall across the rail tracks. The collectible is beyond this barricade.


  • TYPE: Tome
  • GUIDE: After passing through the portal and the area with the verbeeg drop down to the walkway below, then jump the gap on the right. Keep following the walkway and head across the wooden planks. Here there will be a set of ladders, climb or drop down to the platform below. You will now see yet another barricaded wall, the next collectible is through there


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible continue on and climb up the ledge. Up here there should be a purple face statue, to the left of this statue is another barricaded wall. The next one is past this said barricade.


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the junction at the broken Netherese Gate
  • GUIDE: Before making your way to the ballista you will end up passing through a portal into a cave, the next collectible is in here on the right.


  • TYPE: Tablet
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find the cultist chamber in the mine tunnels
  • GUIDE: From the ballista and the last checkpoint, continue to follow the rail track down a hill. In the mining tunnels you should be able to find the attribute shrine area, it is past a poison pool. In this area head down the stairs and the next collectible can be found to the right of these stairs


  • TYPE: Attribute Point
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Find the cultist chamber in the mine tunnels
  • GUIDE: From the last collectible we will now be in the attribute point shrine. However, in order to unlock the attribute shrine we need to solve a puzzle, the answer to which can either be found in the video above or on my other guide here


  • TYPE: Tome
  • MISSION OBJECTIVE: Reach the gate to the deep cavern
  • GUIDE: Head through the portal to the boss area now. You will find the last collectible next to one of the damaged ballista


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