Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance – Attribute Shrine (Crystal Harvest – Puzzle Room Solution) Guide

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As you continue to explore the Crystalline Dreams – Crystal Harvest mission you will most likely bump into the Attribute Point Shrine.

The Attribute Shrine is located within the mine tunnels and is being blocked by a purple force field. The only possible clues and hints you have in order to be able to solve the puzzle is a bunch of panels and symbols.

However, as there is so many panels to choose from it can be confusing as to which one needs activating, well don’t worry as we have you covered!


So here we are face to face with the Attribute Shrine and a bunch of panels with symbols on, hmm. Now since we are quite far into the game at this point, these panels and symbols are not really something new and we have come across them before (well most of you probably have anyway)

The problem is this presents us with a new puzzle that needs solving that is different to the past ones we have come across, for this one the same method applies and that is we need to find the symbols that are scattered and hiding in order to work out which panels need activating. However, where are they hiding this time?.. well the answer to that is not very far.

Here are their locations:


  • LOCATION: From the entrance to the puzzle room itself, turn around and look up to find this first one.
  • CORRECT PANEL: The panel that needs activating can be found on the East side of the grid, closest to the doorway.


  • LOCATION: If you stand on the top of the stairs you should notice the next symbol on the structure above the attribute shrine
  • CORRECT PANEL: The correct panel for this one is on the West side, in the middle.


  • LOCATION: On both sides of the area you will see a structure with a hole in it. Look through the one on the left to find this next one
  • CORRECT PANEL: This panel is located on the East side of the grid, alongside Symbol #1. It is closest to the Attribute Shrine


  • LOCATION: Near the Attribute Shrine there will be a bunch of barrels, the final symbol is under this
  • CORRECT PANEL: This last panel is located in the middle closest to the doorway


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