Katana Kami – A Way Of The Samurai Story: The Samurai Title Is Finally Back, This Time With A Souls-Like Twist. Our Review!

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Katana Kami – A Way of the Samurai story is a spin off game which is set in the same universe as the PS2 classic, Way of the Samurai.

The main story focuses on your character whom is a lone rōnin that just happened to come across a feud involving a bunch of debt collectors, a Blacksmith and his daughter.
Long story short, the Blacksmith’s daughter then gets kidnapped and the lone rōnin then agrees to help out.

The gameplay itself does feel rather limited as for the most part you are simply trapped in a tiny village that doesn’t really have much going for it. You do occasionally get some random Samurai warriors walking around which can invoke fights and that is basically your only entertainment in that area.

However, most of the action and where you will no doubt be spending much of your time is in a strange world within the base of a lone tree.
In this foreign world lies several demons and untold mysteries and it is there where you will no doubt be forming many of your headaches as you continue to play the game.

This game as no doubt many other players will agree, does indeed play very similar to the 
Dark Souls and Demon Souls type games perhaps even more so the Nioh and Sekiro games, I unfortunately have discovered through my many hours of playing, that this game can be very unforgiving at times.
You are penalised for many different aspects of the game, for example if you die you will loose all of your gear and coin and if the game sees that you have been playing for too long, you are again penalised and are thus chased by a very powerful demon.

​A lot of this mysterious world has the same layout too and is quite small, thus in all honesty the whole game can get rather repetitive over time, which is unfortunate.

So if your expecting a simple Samurai game full of exploration and story then I’m afraid you are going to be very disappointed, as there isn’t much story or exploration to be had. 

There are however, several ways to improve your character’s abilities and gear to make things a little easier at least.
Though the customization is very limited you can upgrade your weapons to make them stronger and equip armour to help with surviving various blows. Alongside that you can also obtain certain scrolls to improve your skills.

There are also many different side quests to take although from our knowledge they do not require too much effort, most of them simply require you to reach a certain floor of this mysterious world.
There are other side features too including Newspaper articles that tell you of what the different Samurai clans and factions are doing in the background.
Also, though not exactly new to the Way of the Samurai series your choices throughout the game does indeed have an impact on the overall gameplay, so you do have to think and strategize before just running into things and making rash decisions.


As fans of the previous Way of the Samurai games we can safely say that this game is nothing like them. For one, the previous games allowed you to explore more areas, there was more customization and to be honest it was much easier too, perhaps too much so.
Still with that being said thanks to that the past games did feel much more relaxing and it gave a much better story into the life of the Samurai Warriors and their downfall, as it was packed with history and was quite a fun and informative game and one in which we still have soft spot for and the main reason we ended up buying Katana Kami in the first place. 

Anyway something that we do like with this new title is the fact that a lot of the amazing soundtrack from the past games does make a return alongside some of the past characters too. It is a very nostalgic title and we deep down despite many frustrations that this game holds for us, mainly due to the fact we are not used to the new style of gameplay. Anyway regardless one thing is for certain we are very happy to see Way of the Samurai make a return and hopefully its a sign of things to come too.

If I where to sum this title up in a few simple words then it would be that the game is rather basic, nostalgic and unforgiving.

Now where did I lose all of my gear this time?..

Developer: Acquire  / Publisher: Spike Chunsoft
Release Date: February 20th 2020
Platforms: PC, Switch, PS4
Genre: Action Adventure
Main Story Length: 
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PS4
SCORE: 3/5

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