Konrad The Kitten – We Give An Affectionate ‘Purr’ In Our Latest PSVR Review!

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Konrad the kitten is a very basic game but yet also quite fun that is obviously aimed for the younger audience. 

You control a kitten named Konrad who is now more or less an adult cat. Whilst controlling Konrad you can adventure and explore different areas of a property, which seems to be quite empty hmm perhaps the humans are out shopping or something?
Being alone within a house can become quite an adventurous playground for a cat, thus you get to experience just what a cat can or perhaps cannot do whilst the humans are elsewhere.

Some of the available activities include pawing mice, knocking off ornaments which we all know cats love to do, they even give us that look as if to say ‘I know I’m not supposed to, but I’m going to do it anyway’ for example, they are quite mischievous.

Konrad has also got his paws full with new kittens to look after too, with activities such as playing and cleaning.
Though, for some reason being able to play with the kittens is locked out until the time turns to night in-game

There is also an in-game shop which uses in-game currency that you obtain if you manage to look after Konrad properly. This shop allows you to customise Konrad with new fashion accessories and you can even purchase new kittens here too.


We are perhaps too old for games such as this but we still found it fun and somewhat nostalgic too.
The best way to describe this kind of game is to say it is a Tamagotchi  for the PSVR, so for those that enjoyed those back in the day then perhaps you will enjoy this one?
We also enjoyed the game for the sheer fact that we love cats and kittens, we sadly no longer have any and thus this game manages to fill the void until one day we can hopefully once again get a new fluffy friend of our very own.

Developer: FusionPlay  / Publisher: FusionPlay
Release Date: February 2018
Platforms: PS4 PSVR
Genre: Simulation
Main Story Length: N/A
Platinum Trophy Length: 
Platform Reviewed On: PSVR
Overall Rating: 3/5

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