Life Is Strange – A Tale Of Friendship, Adventure & Family Issues. Here Is Our Review!

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Life Is Strange is another title that focuses heavily on your decisions and actions within the game. The story revolves around a teenage girl still at school and is an aspiring photographer. Whilst having what was a normal day studying she somehow manages to obtain the ability to control time, now this may sound like a good thing but it can also be somewhat of a terrible one too depending on how you wish to play the game.
​The entire cast of characters are very interesting each with their own unique backgrounds and personalities. The overall soundtrack is nice too.

There are many things to discover all of which can aid you during your journey and teach you some rather interesting aspects to the game. With various different dialogue options and paths to go down one can imagine the replay-ability fun to be had.
There are also several different collectables to obtain, though unfortunately the collectables are very limited and thus it is not that difficult to obtain that wonderful Platinum or 100% completion achievement for that matter. So if your looking for an easy game to add to your 100% collection then you may actually like this one!

The game can also feel rather linear as you unfortunately do not have the ability to travel to previous areas and instead are only able to go to areas the game story wishes for you to travel around and you do not have the ability to leave until a certain task is complete. I guess for a typical cinematic movie type game such as this, these things can be expected.

Having said that the game is still rather fun and enjoyable thanks to the various different interact-able objects, characters and overall story. It may have a slow start to begin with but the game does manage to get you hooked and becomes somewhat of a roller-coaster ride as you continue the game.


A very nice game with many unseen twists and turns along the way. With many different characters to meet and interact with you will feel somewhat gripped and emotionally attached to what we thought was a enjoyable title.
With superhuman abilities of which we still cannot fit the pieces together about, nonetheless due to this many of the said characters lives are in your hands and thus you will end up feeling like a superhero. Perhaps the protagonist is a Timelord that secretly rides around in a Tardis? (Sorry that was a Doctor Who joke, for those who may be unfamiliar), though we never truly work out the reasons behind the strange abilities, the game is still fun regardless.

Developer: DontNod Entertainment  / Publisher: Square – Enix 
Release Date: January 30th 2015
Platforms: PS4, XBox One, PC
Genre: Adventure
Main Story Length: 14-15 Hours
Platinum Trophy Length: 16-18 Hours
Platform Reviewed On: PS4

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